Cutler Institute

Justice Policy Program Releases 2017 Youth Recidivism Report

The Justice Policy Program recently released a report on juvenile recidivism. There are several goals of this research: to help assess the success or responses to system-involved youth by identifying which youth return to the justice system; to inform risk reduction efforts that benefit public safety; and to ensure that all Maine youth experience a fair, equitable, and responsive juvenile justice system that contributes to positive youth outcomes. The report reflects the experiences of young people who encounter Maine’s juvenile justice system at various points of contact (e.g., diversion, community supervision, commitment). The report also describes current system results: fewer youth are entering the system and more of those who do are quickly and successfully diverted; youth supervised in the community are decreasing in risk level and offense severity and that the majority do not recidivate; and committed youth are decreasing in risk level, with the majority being assessed at low to moderate risk at time of commitment and adjudication with misdemeanor charges.

The full report can be found on the Muskie Statistical Analysis Center website.