Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Maine Immunization Program Survey and Technical Assistance

1/1/2006 - 1/31/2007
Maine Immunization Program at ME CDC

Childhood immunization rates for Maine have declined since the mid-90's. One theory for the decline is that public awareness education was halted. The Maine Immunization Program (MIP) currently has two regional health educators and wishes to expand health education services to four regions. Further, both the MIP and the Maine CDC desire to understand from parents and caregivers the incentives and barriers to having their children age appropriately immunizated. Muskie staff will work collaboratively with the MIP on several fronts: <li>assist with preparing and managing an RFP process to expand health education services to two additional regions of Maine <li>plan and carry out survey(s) with parents of preschool children to identify both barriers to and incentives for getting children immunized <li>provide technical assistance to plan and implement additional evidence-based practices to improve age-appropriate immunization rates.</li><p></p> Data collected from the surveys will be used to help identify public health practices that are most likely to result in children who have age-appropriate immunizations, and to inform ongoing program planning priorities.

Start Date: 
Sun, 2006-01-01
End Date: 
Wed, 2007-01-31
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