Cutler Institute

Maine International Conference for the Arts Hosted by USM

On September 27th, nationally acclaimed speaker and writer on rural arts development, Maryo Gard Ewell, was the keynote speaker and session presenter at the Arts Commission’s third biennial conference on the arts, MICA 2018. This two-day event was held in Portland at USM’s Abromson Community Education center.

Maryo is the founder of Colorado’s Creative Districts initiative and now works for the Gunnison Area Community Foundation. She is also the President of the Robert E. Gard Foundation. Her father Robert Gard is the author of the first study on rural arts development, “The Arts in the Small Community”, which helped to launch the local arts agency movement. Tracy Michaud, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Tourism & Hospitality Program, presented a pre-conference workshop with her students featuring their Libra Foundation-sponsored project that promoted the arts in Monson, Maine through cultural tourism. Michaud also moderated a panel entitled "Activating Your Site for the Modern Cultural Tourist."