Catherine Cutler Institute

Margaret Gormley

Policy Assistant I, Survey Research Center
Margaret Gormley

Office Location

222 Deering Ave, Portland Campus




Margaret has 30 years of survey experience encompassing phone, mail, online, in-person, and observation surveys.

In addition to her supervisory duties of hiring and training new interviewers, Margaret monitors the interviewers as they conduct surveys and assists them with ongoing training. She plays a large role in survey design. Her wordcraft skills contribute to the clarity and conciseness of the surveys conducted by the Survey Research Center.  She does extensive testing of each survey prior to launch to perfect survey logic and flow.  Following survey completion, Margaret uses her word skills to review written reports to ensure accuracy and understandability.

When she’s not working, Margaret enjoys being with family and friends and her church activities. She enjoys being outdoors, walking, swimming, and kayaking.

Areas of Expertise

  • Supervision
  • Training
  • Survey Design
  • Survey Logic Development
  • Editing
  • Quality Assurance