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MeHAF Brief Examines Access to Care Among Low-income, Uninsured Mainers

Erika Ziller and Amanda Burgess partnered with Barbara Leonard of the Maine Health Access Foundation to produce a data brief profiling the health care access challenges faced by low-income, uninsured Mainers. The report, titled "Low-Income, Uninsured Mainers Face Substantial Challenges Getting Health Care" was released in late March. The authors found that compared with their insured counterparts, a higher percentage of uninsured, low-income Mainers went without or delayed care, were unable to purchase needed prescriptions, and lacked a usual source of care. Barbara Leonard noted the report's findings in an OpEd in the Bangor Daily News published on April 4th titled "For struggling Mainers, health insurance isn't a luxury." Barbara's OpEd noted that MaineCare expansion is "a path for some uninsured adults in Maine to get coverage to help them pay medical bills, get check-ups, and not delay care." "Health insurance is not a luxury," she wrote, "and we all pay the price when our family members and friends don’t have coverage."