Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy


 The Center staff serve as experts in the Muskie School of Public Service's Population Health and Health Policy research program and Master of Public Health degree program.






Coburn, Andrew, PhD      
Directorphot Andy Coburn

(207) 780-4435

Ziller, Erika, PhD
Deputy Director                                                          


 (207) 780-4615


Burgess, Amanda, MPPM                                photo Amanda Burgess
Research Associate





 (207) 780-4056



Zach Croll

Croll, Zach, BA

Research Analyst

(207) 228-8247


Gale, John, MS

Research Associate

(207) 228-8246

Griffin, Eileen, JD            
Senior Research Associate


Hansen, Anush Yousefian, MS, MA  photo Anush Hansen
Research Associate


(207) 228-8217


Kahn-Troster, Sara, MPH
Policy Associate

(207) 780-5803


 Jennifer Lenardson

Lenardson, Jennifer, MHS
Research Associate

 (207) 228-8399


Pearson, Karen, MLIS, MA
Policy Associate Karen Pearson

(207) 780-4553

 Jean Talbot, PhD, MPH

Talbot, Jean, PhD, MPH
Research Associate

(207) 228-8480

Donna Reed
Staff Associate


(207) 780-4846


David Hartley, PhD
Professor Emeritus

David Lambert, PhD             
Assoc. Research Professor, Retired