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Danielle Layton

USM's Danielle Layton speaks to News Center Maine about school resource officers

There are 67 school resources officers — police officers embedded on school campuses — in more than 90 schools in 51 towns across the state, according to USM research analyst Danielle Layton.

Erica King Published in Bangor Daily News

From part of the Oe-ed penned by Erika King: Close it or not. This is the conversation that has emerged in the wake of legitimate challenges at Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, but it does not reflect the larger conversation we need to be having.

Pious Ali Showcased in National Website

A congratulations to Pious Ali for his featuring in Buzzfeed.

Maine Foster Youth Travel to Washington DC

In October, YLAT members traveled to Washington D.C. to represent Maine at the National Foster Youth Conference.

John Gale Appointed to National Panel to Develop Quality and Performance Measures for Rural Healthcare Providers

Gale has been appointed to a national workgroup to provide guidance on quality measurement for rural healthcare providers.

Exciting New Report Commissioned on Ocean Economy Industries

Casco Bay Estuary Partnership (CBEP) commissioned the report, The Economic Contribution of Casco Bay.

Workshop on Public Engagement

The Data Innovation Project and the Muskie School of Public Service hosted Professor Eric Gordon of Emerson College.

Rebecca Boulos Co-authors Two Publications

Rebecca Boulos recently published two articles on the topic of how investments in obesity prevention efforts in low-income communities have powerful outcomes.

New Center for Learning Website and Online Module

The Center for Learning's website has a new look!

Youth Justice Summit: Imagine a New Future

More than one hundred local youth justice practitioners and stakeholders attended the Youth Justice Summit: Imagine a New Future, which included presentations by national and local experts and a performance by formerly incarcerated members of Maine Inside Out and Portland Outright, who advocated for alternatives to youth incarceration in Maine.