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Michaud and Sanford publish article in Maine Policy Review Special Issue on Leadership

Michaud and Sanford publish article in Maine Policy Review on improving retention and developing leaders through a fall USM immersion class for first year tourism and environmental students co-located at Camp Cedar.

Ninth Annual Patient Safety Academy Brings Together Healthcare Providers, Students, and Advocates

Ninth Annual Patient Safety Academy a success! Participants from all over the state of Maine joined in an "all hands on deck" approach to improving patient safety in our workplace, our communities, and in our state.

Successful Local Government Internship Program

Eight students attend New England Management Institute, culminating a successful internship in Summer 2018.

Incubating Leaders in Maine

For a sparsely populated state, Maine has produced an extraordinary number of national, bipartisan leaders. What has made Maine an incubator for such leadership? Alexis de Tocqueville, the author of Democracy in America, provides useful insights into Maine’s culture as a breeding ground for leadership.

Heart of trade battle with U.S. is China’s rising economic competitiveness

Whatever the outcome of the trade dispute, China’s rise ought to be seen as a Sputnik moment – a time for the U.S. to redouble its commitment to scientific and technological innovation and to more rigorous education for its future workforce, from preschool to post-graduate.
Shaelan Donovan '18

A trailblazer, Shaelan Donovan '18 navigates her own path

Through her internship at the International Marine Terminal in Portland, to being USM's first student to study at Reykjavík University in Iceland, to working for a multinational shipping company, Shaelan Donovan '18 has been a beacon of success in pursuing new global partnerships.
Terry Sutton

Theresa Sutton to Lead UMS Maine Center Ventures

On July 16, 2018, the University of Maine System Chancellor announced the new Chief Executive Officer of Maine Center Ventures, Terry Sutton.

Enhance Your Data Capacity with a DIP Research Assistant!

The Data Innovation Project (DIP) is now accepting applications for the Community Research Assistantship Program!

Youth in Foster Care and State Legislators Come Together

In April 2018, 14 current and former youth of foster care came together at the Maine State Capitol to prepare form a presentation around the importance of "Normalcy". Normalcy refers to youth in care being able to have the opportunities, resources, and experiences that are considered normal for people in their age group, and experiences that their peers who are not in foster care get to experience without barriers.

Erika Ziller Presents Findings on Rural Adolescent Cigarette Smoking at National Conference

Despite national declines in youth smoking rates, rural adolescents have higher rates of cigarette smoking than their urban counterparts.