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Terry Sutton

Theresa Sutton to Lead UMS Maine Center Ventures

On July 16, 2018, the University of Maine System Chancellor announced the new Chief Executive Officer of Maine Center Ventures, Terry Sutton.

Enhance Your Data Capacity with a DIP Research Assistant!

The Data Innovation Project (DIP) is now accepting applications for the Community Research Assistantship Program!

Youth in Foster Care and State Legislators Come Together

In April 2018, 14 current and former youth of foster care came together at the Maine State Capitol to prepare form a presentation around the importance of "Normalcy". Normalcy refers to youth in care being able to have the opportunities, resources, and experiences that are considered normal for people in their age group, and experiences that their peers who are not in foster care get to experience without barriers.

Erika Ziller Presents Findings on Rural Adolescent Cigarette Smoking at National Conference

Despite national declines in youth smoking rates, rural adolescents have higher rates of cigarette smoking than their urban counterparts.

Advancing Tobacco Prevention and Control in Rural America

Advancing Tobacco Prevention and Control: Cutler's Maine Public Health Institute representatives present draft report to National Network of Public Health Institutes advisory group in Washington D.C.

Erika Ziller Delivers Multiple Presentations at the National Rural Health Association Annual Meeting

Erika Ziller presents at National Rural Health Association annual meeting on topics that include: opioid overdoses treated by rural emergency departments; Maine smokers' perceptions about lung cancer; and, regional variations in Maine's lung cancer incidence and death rates.

USM Holds First Symposium on Aging

USM's first annual Symposium on Aging brought together multiple disciplines and multiple generations to learn and talk about how aging relates to both our work at the University and our personal lives.

"Samstarf" Continues in Iceland

A trip to Iceland was a busy one for Judith Tupper: kaffi og smákökur (coffee and cookies) with President of Iceland Johannesson; presenting at a public health conference in Akureyri, and discussions about public health research collaboration in Iceland. Read more about Dr. Judy Tupper's May trip to Iceland.

Cost-of-Care Conversations Project

Kim Fox shared findings from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -funded Cost-of-Care project at several events recently. Read more about these presentations centered on consumer tools related to low-back pain treatment below.

MeHAF Brief Examines Access to Care Among Low-income, Uninsured Mainers

Low-income, uninsured Mainers face substantial challenges accessing health care services.