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The Portland City Council Recognizes Alison Gray

The Portland City Council issued a proclamation on February 21, 2018 to recognize and thank Alison Gray, Justice Policy Program Policy Analyst, for her long and honored service as a volunteer for the city in her nine-year tenure as a Commissioner of the City of Portland Police Citizen Review Subcommittee (PCRS). The PCRS provides citizen oversight of the police department internal affairs process. Alison was recognized for bringing her diverse set of experiences including those gained through her work as an advocate for victims of crime and her work with law enforcement on topics related to sexual violence. The subcommittee's work was recognized for persevering during times they came under public scrutiny and for their efforts to increase the accessibility and transparency of the role of the PCRS. These efforts resulted in proposed changes to the city ordinance governing the subcommittee's composition and process that have been adopted by the City of Portland City Council. Alison recently concluded her position after completing three terms.