Cutler Institute

Portland Empowered Presents on Youth Voice at Statewide Educator Conference

In August 2018, Portland Empowered staff, Emily Thielmann and Claire Schroeder, along with a Portland Empowered alumni and intern, Laura Iteka, presented at the Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers Conference (ECET2) held at Colby College.

Portland Empowered, housed at the Cutler Institute, champions student and parent voice, specifically focused on those who have been historically under represented. The goal is to reduce barriers and create opportunities for emerging youth and adult leaders in Portland public high schools so that they can be successful in school and beyond.

At the conference, Portland Empowered staff and alumni shared with educators some of the activities and approaches teachers can use in their classroom to engage non-traditional leaders. The aim of the Portland Empowered presentation was to cultivate a learning environment where educators could share effective strategies among themselves for engaging marginalized students from elementary school to high school. It was a rich learning experience and an opportunity to share the lessons learned from four years of working alongside youth at Portland, Deering, and Casco Bay High Schools.