Cutler Institute

Rachel Gallo Presents at the American Public Health Association's Annual Meeting

In November 2019, Rachel Gallo, MPH, Cutler Institute Research Associate, gave two presentations at the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in Philadelphia. The first presentation, “Empowering Community Based Organizations to Utilize Data for Program Monitoring and Evaluation”, described how the University of Southern Maine’s Data Innovation Project (DIP) works with community organizations through their data clinic model. The DIP has worked with over 80 organizations through this model since 2016.

The second presentation, “Using Rapid Cycle Evaluation Techniques to Improve the Quality of a Capacity-Building Research Initiative”, demonstrated how the Northern New England Clinical and Translational Research (NNE-CTR) Network’s Tracking and Evaluation Core, led by the University of Southern Maine (USM), utilizes traditional evaluation and quality improvement techniques to monitor efforts and evaluation outcomes.

The NNE-CTR is funded by the National Institute of Health and is a partnership between Maine Medical Center, the University of Vermont, and USM.