Cutler Institute


Assisting leaders in finding practical answers to real world problems

Cutler Institute staff are skilled in a wide range of research methodologies, from exploratory surveys and focus groups to large-scale data analyses and complex statistical methods. Our emphasis on applied research means that, while grounded in the theory of our respective disciplines, we specialize in seeking practical answers to real-world problems and identifying policy and program solutions. Some of our areas of specialization are: quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; secondary data analysis; analytic tools and statistical models; and interpretation of findings that considers policy, organizational, community, and tribal contexts.


  • Engage partner organizations and policymakers in research design to understand and meet their information needs
  • Define research questions so findings are practical and actionable
  • Communicate clearly throughout the research process, share the results of findings with stakeholders, and present and publish research results for a variety of audiences

If you are interested in collaborating with the Cutler Institute, please contact the Director, Kris Sahonchik.