Cutler Institute

"Samstarf" Continues in Iceland

Judy Tupper, Population Health & Health Policy Director and MPH faculty, reports another successful May trip to Iceland in continuation of the Samstarf (Icelandic for collaboration) project.  Highlights of the trip included her patient safety presentation at the University of Akureyri health conference; meetings with University faculty and staff; planning for Muskie MPH students, Brooke Smith and Jamie Shead, field experience in Akureyri later this summer; and connecting with potential Icelandic research partners.  Previous Icelandic summer research assistants, Fridgeir Sverrisson and Maria Gudnadottir, offered sightseeing tours and family introductions.  Occupational therapist and behavioral medicine grad student, Hrefna Oskarsdottir, arrives at Muskie in June to work with Cutler research staff for a month. Judy also shared that she enjoyed a most memorable hour visiting the President of Iceland, Gudni Johannesson, at the historic presidential residence, Bessastadir. President Johannesson had just returned home from the US after meeting with the UN Secretary-General and Microsoft and was next headed to Finland for a head-of-state visit.