Catherine E. Cutler Institute

USM Graduate Student publishes paper in online journal as part of international student collaboration

The new special issue of Nordicum-Mediterraneum (NOME) 16(3)/2021, coordinated by the Maine North Atlantic Institute, is the result of a multidisciplinary research project conducted by a team of graduate students from four universities in Iceland, Norway, and the United States including USM's graduate student Caitlyn Madden with support from Professor Firooza Pavri. The students worked together over the past year in order to deliver this original and exciting issue, in which the development of the circumpolar region is analyzed from the perspectives of different disciplines (law, business, health, environmental sciences, etc.) that ultimately connect via the Triple Bottom Line model.

The focus of the cohort was to identify and research Arctic-related issues through the lens of the “Triple Bottom Line.” This business-related model seeks to develop practices that fully balance “People, Planet, and Profit” through measuring the social, environmental, and economic impacts of their work and products. Each of the papers touched on one or more aspects of the Triple Bottom Line.