Cutler Institute

The Young People’s Caucus Connects Policy Makers to Youth

The Young People’s Caucus is an opportunity for policy makers to connect and learn from young people from across the state on topics that are important to them. State legislators from both parties have participated, posing questions and listening to the perspectives of a diverse group of young adults from across Maine. Topics have included substance use prevention, youth employment, youth homelessness, juvenile justice reform, and school, climate, and discipline policies.  

Attendees have included the Commissioners of the Department of Labor and Department of Corrections, staff from the Maine State Housing Authority and the Department of Education, many other key policymakers, and young people from Wabanaki Public Health, St. Mary’s Nutrition Center, Preble Street, and Job Corps.  

The Young People's Caucus was born from the vision of Representative Victoria Morales (D-South Portland) and has been made possible by partnerships across the state. The core conveners and planners are Claire Schroeder (Youth and Community Engagement, Cutler Institute) and Alastair Lawson (Maine Youth Action Network, Opportunity Alliance), with two young adult co-facilitators from Maine Inside Out, and made possible with funding from the John T. Gorman Foundation. The Young People's Caucus was piloted this legislative session and we are excited to see the future development of the program.