Dean of Students

Dine with Students

The Dean of Students invites you to a meal on us as part of Welcome.

We are offering faculty & the staff to Dine with Students the first two weeks of classes on between Monday Aug 31 and Friday September 11th

Breakfast (7-9 AM), Lunch (11 AM - 1 PM), and Dinner (5-7:30 PM) in the Brooks Residential Restaurant

Lunch in Woodbury from 11 AM to 1 PM.  We unfortunately are only offering lunch in woodbury, because of the high level of traffic necessary to make this a success!

Please let us know where are you located on campus so we can get you your meal token:
Please select the day that you'd like to dine with students!
Select the time of day that you would like to dine with students. Please note that not all meals are available in all locations.
Please select where you would like to dine.