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Good day to you all,

We are in our 3rd week of classes and hopefully you are doing well. I continue to be impressed with you all as you make your way around campus wearing face coverings and trying to follow social distancing. You are trying and because of your efforts, we can continue another day and another week. THANK YOU.

The USM Religious and Spiritual Life Committee would like to recognize that Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown on Friday, Sept. 18th and Yom Kippur will begin the evening of Sept. 27th.

This week in the DoSE:

  1. What Should I be Doing
  2. What Can I do on Campus
  3. Where Can I Study on Campus
  4. Campus Food Pantry
  5. Updates
  6. Dean Thoughts

At this point in the semester you should have done many if not all of the following to ensure a good start to the semester:

  • Log into Brightspace - Faculty are able to see when you log in and how long you spend on a particular section. Faculty are currently sending out email notices to students who have not logged into Brightspace. Check out the Brightspcace Resource page for more information.
  • Access your account - this is your official mode for notification with USM.  Please make sure you are checking your email regularly. Check out the Email Resource page for more information.
  • Waive or Confirm your Student Health Insurance - Just a friendly reminder that University of Maine System require proof of health insurance. If you have insurance, you must waive SHIP before 9/30 in order to be refunded for the Health Insurance charge. If you need insurance, you must enroll for SHIP, which began coverage on August 1.
  • Get ID Card - As campus is only open to current students and staff, it will be important to have your student ID. You need it to enter all Libraries and Fitness Centers. You will also need your student ID to access the Metro Bus starting in October.
  • Get Parking Pass - Campus is open only to students and staff. You need to get a hang tag this week. Ticketing will begin next week. Check out the Parking Permit Resource page to learn how you can get your parking permit.
  • Download CampusClear app - Help us keep campus safe by using the #CampusClear app each day.
  • Submit Immunization Records - If you have not done so, you need to send in your official record to Health Services before Oct. 1. You will not be able to register for Spring classes until they are submitted. 



Whether you are a residential or commuter student, you can come to campus, to study, access the libraries and to connect online. It is important to have your student ID with you as we are only open to current students.

  • Check out the METRO - See all the places you can go with your student ID.
  • Utilize the Library (online/in person) - the library is open to current students.
  • Find a job at the Career Hub - Check out opportunities on and off campus.


Current students (commuters/residential) can come to campus to study or access the internet for a Zoom class. We have made a list of places to study which includes campus maps showing the locations. Face coverings and social distancing guidelines are still in effect.

The Campus Food Pantry is here for you! Open Hours: Monday: 12-3 PM, Tuesday/Wednesday: 9:--12 PM and available by appointment. Email the Food Pantry at to schedule an appointment.

Residential Parking Expanded in Gorham - Starting today thru 11/26, all residential parking areas (Green/Striped Green) will be open to any residential parking permit type. You must have a valid residential parking permit hanging in your car to park or be subject to a ticket.

Mental Health Support Group Update - This group occurs Mondays 11am - 12pm.  Peer-run support and educational groups with wellness activities and discussions. Contact Shavonah Bell ( or Alexander Shaffer ( for more information. Join the group via this ZOOM Link.

I want to thank you for doing your part, but I must encourage you all to stay vigilant with the face covering and social distancing. Each day we follow the guidelines is a day closer to the end of the semester.

The University of Maine System will continue COVID Testing over the course of the semester.  Please check your email and if you receive an official notice to test, make all efforts to participate. 

Have a great day.

Dean Mondor

Hello Huskies!

I hope you are well during this second week of classes. It was a difficult start of the semester, but overall you all did a great job. Though it is uncomfortable, it is great to see you all wearing your face covering and practicing social distancing. Thanks to your efforts, we are able to move forward towards tomorrow.  Keep it up...

1. Watch Your Six
2. Keep your nose covered. (Face Coverings need to be above the nose and below the chin).

This week in the DoSE:

  1. Study Space on Campus
  2. Important To Do's
  3. Resources & Services
  4. Dean Thoughts


We realize that many of you (commuters & residential) might need a space to study or even Zoom into for your Online Live class this semester. We have set aside a number of spaces and classrooms on all three campuses for any student to sit and connect or study. Check out the full list Campus Study Spaces, Zoom Lounges, and Outdoor Tent areas.  

Due to safety guidelines, they are open spaces that will be shared with others, so social distancing and face covering is required. Also, please use earbuds/earphones while using the lounges. Check signage near the lounges or visit the information desk in Woodbury to pick up a free set.


Log Into Brightspace

If your class is using Brightspace, please log in and check out your syllabus and submit needed assignments. I have received a number of emails from faculty concerned that students have not logged in yet. If you are having difficulty with Brightspace, please email your faculty and look over the Brightspace Resource page for assistance.

Waive or Accept Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)

If you have insurance and do not want the SHIP, you MUST fill out the waiver form. (Deadline 10/1 to waive)  Check your bill to see if you have been charge for the Student Health Insurance.

If you do not have insurance and need to purchase the SHIP you must enroll. The plan is in effect from August 1 to July 31 (for students entering and enrolling in the spring, it is in effect from January 1 to July 31).

Check Your email account regularly

Your email account is the official means to communicate.  It is important that you access your account on a regular basis.  You can create filters and folder to sort your emails by class and/or topic.  Check out the Student Email Resource page for more information.

Enroll in Direct DepositIf you are planning to work on campus or have any sort of refund on your student account, it would be helpful to Enroll in Direct Deposit in MaineStreet.  



METRO Bus Service and More

The METRO is available to all registered students. You can ride the METRO between the Portland-Gorham Campus (Husky Line) and all METRO Routes in Portland. By showing your Student ID, you can also access the Transit (Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach) and The City of South Portland bus system. Check out the Transit Tracker app and all the schedules on the METRO's Homepage.

Don't forget that you can order your food online through the SODEXO BITE App. It's easy to set up and easy to use. Check out the Sodexo Dining web-page for more information on the app and the daily menu.

The Career Hub
Looking for a job?  Do you have workstudy funds?  Do you need assistance finding a job on or off campus?  Check out The Career Hub and connect with an advisor to get started.

The University Credit Union (UCU)
The UCU Gorham Office is open to students. They are located in the lower level of the Brooks Student Center. You can call 207-222-4216 or email

Keep up the good work.  You all have worked hard to keep our community safe and I thank you for your efforts.  Watch Your Six (feet) and Keep your Nose Covered.


Dean Mondor

Good Morning:

We are mid way into our first week of classes, and I just want to send out an official "THANK YOU" to students and staff for following the face covering policy. Over all, students are wearing their face coverings on campus and that makes a big difference.  Just a friendly reminder to "Watch Your Six-feet" and continue social distancing.   This is key in hallways, stairways and in and around office areas.  Arms out and rotate...also good exercise for stretching the upper body.

Keep up the good work. 


This week in the DOSE we have a long list:

  1. CampusClear App
  2. ADD/DROP Period Ends
  3. Student ID Card
  4. Academic Support Resources
  5. Study Space / Zoom Lounge
  6. Campus Food Pantry
  7. Dean Thoughts



The University is pleased to announce that we are making the #CampusClear daily screening app available.  This simple, easy to use app provides a daily prompt to indicate any symptoms you may be experiencing prior to attending classes or heading to campus.  Based on your response, you will be provided with guidance on how to make an informed decision about your participation in on-campus activities.  It is important to note that #CampusClear is an educational tool and is not intended to be medically diagnostic.  The data collected through the application will only be used by the University to monitor the potential spread of COVID-19-related symptoms within the campus population.

Signing up is fast and secure and you retain complete control over the information you share through the application.  It only takes a few seconds to self-screen and your participation helps keep our campuses safe for everyone.



For full semester courses, the official ADD/DROP period continues until September 13th.  If you are feeling uncomfortable with an in person or blended class, you can look in MaineStreet for online options.  You can also reach out to your Professional or Faculty Advisor for assistance in adjusting your schedule accordingly.

You can see specific dates if you click on the calendar icon on your class schedule in MaineStreet.



A friendly reminder that all students planning to be on campus residential/commuter needs to have an student ID.  Your student ID will be your identification while on campus and can be used to access the Glickman Library, Fitness Centers, Residence Halls, Dining Services and for printing in all computer labs.

If you still need to acquire a Student ID, you can apply online through the USM Card office website.



Peer Academic Support: Subject-based Tutoring, Writing Assistance, Technology Assistance, and Peer Academic Coaching begins on Tuesday, September 8th. Since all of the peer academic support will be offered remotely this semester to maintain social distancing, here is a video overview of the services, as well as a video demonstration for scheduling a live online Zoom appointment. Additional hours and subjects will be added in the coming days, and questions regarding available tutoring subjects can be directed to our Coordinator of Tutoring Services, Naamah Jarnot. 

Upcoming Workshops
: To assist students with managing being a remote learner and the transition to Brightspace, the following workshops will be offered over the next few weeks:

"Learning Through Brightspace" Online Workshop - September 8, 9, and 10.  To learn more and RSVP, click HERE!

"Become an Effective Learner" Online Workshop - September 9 and September 16. To learn more and RSVP, click HERE!

  • Succeeding as a Remote Learner Modules: In the "Student Resources" section on the Brightspace landing page, there is a link to the Succeeding as a Remote Learner modules. These self-paced experiences are filled with how-to videos, documents, and activities. Students can even earn a digital badge for completing each module, including (1) Learning Through Brightspace, (2) Learning With Zoom, (3) Learning With Other Technologies, (4) Preparing for Your Semester, (5) How Learning Works, and (6) Academic Assistance From a Distance
  • YouTube Video Series: If needing quick review or a single "how to" for any of the topics above, we've compiled all of the videos from the modules above onto our Academic Support Resources Overview page including: 

                     A Student's Guide to Brightspace Series (12 videos)
                     Learning with Zoom Series (6 videos)
                     Learning with Other Technologies Series (7 videos)
                     How Learning Works Series (6 videos)



Dining Services Bite Mobile App is ready to go live with Meal Plan integration.  If you have downloaded the app and are using it, you may need to force an update on it in order to get the newest version.  Once it has been updated, please tap on the “Pay” tab and click add a campus card.  You can enter in your credentials and your meal plan will be integrated.  

If you continue to receive an error, please uninstall the app and re-download it.  Ensure you are using the “Bite by Sodexo – Universities” version.  Email us with any questions.



The Campus Food Pantry is here for you!  Open Hours:  Monday: 12-3 PM, Tuesday/Wednesday: 9:--12 PM and available by appointment. Email the Food Pantry to schedule your appointment.


Remember that we are all part of Husky Nation!  Please wear your face covering properly, practice social distance and take care of yourself.


Dean Mondor

Good day to you all!

Hard to believe that we are days away from the start of the semester.  This week has been unique for our residential students and many commuter students coming from out of state.  The Gorham Campus has been moving students onto campus and testing students for COVID.  At this time many of our students are under a testing quarantine in their rooms or apartments until testing results are available.  

While quarantine is not ideal, it is important to follow the guidelines of social distancing and staying in your rooms during the 48-72 hours needed to get the results.  We ask that you do your part to help each other and keep USM moving forward towards opening.

In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to prepare for the fall semester and upcoming events for you to take advantage of over the next few days.  Remember all events are open to USM students residential and commuters.


This week in the DoSE:

  1. Getting Ready for the Semester Overview
  • Zoom Lounges
  • Husky Earbuds
  • Brightspace & Zoom Assistance
  • Additional Modules for Succeeding as a Remote Learner
  • Direct Links to Peer Academic Support
  • Need to Know for the Semester
    • Parking Passes
    • Social Distance and Face Covering on Campus
    • Check your Schedule on MaineStreet
    • Check your email
    • The Metro - Husky Line Update
    • Costello & Sullivan Fitness Centers
  • Campus Engagement Activities for All Students
    • Move In Week Events
    • Weeks of Welcome
  • Dean Thoughts


    We understand that as a USM student, whether new or returning, you will need to learn Brightspace (the replacement for Blackboard), navigate remote and on-campus coursework, and find spaces to study. Below are some highlights of the resources to assist you with these tasks.

    • Zoom Lounges: These spaces on all three campuses are designated for participating in your live Zoom courses or meetings. Find a Study/Zoom Room (click on Academics) that works for you on the Health Husky site.  Updated list will be maintained shortly on the Dean of Students website.
    • Husky Earbuds: USM has purchased several hundred earbuds for you to use in Zoom Lounges, computer labs, and other spaces, including home. Please check in at the main desk for these areas to pick up a pair if needed.
    • Brightspace and Zoom Assistance: USM's Learning Support team has created step-by-step guides for how to navigate and learn with all the features of Zoom and Brightspace, including opportunities to practice. These modules can be found on your Brightspace landing page (, logging in with your MaineStreet information. There are also individual how-to videos in USM's A Student's Guide To Brightspace series and the Learning With Zoom series.
    • Additional Modules for Succeeding as a Remote Learner: The modules described above are part of the new "Succeeding as a Remote Learner" collection. Other modules include Learning With Other Technologies, Preparing For The Semester, and How Learning Works, filled with strategies for making the most of your academic time-on-task.
    • Direct Links to Peer Academic Support: There are now direct links in your Brightspace landing page to the scheduling calendars for USM's Subject-Based Tutors, Writing Assistants, Peer Academic Coaches, and Technology Assistants. There is also a one-stop Academic Support Resources Overview page. 

      NEED TO KNOW this SEMESTER  Parking PassesThe glitch in the parking pass online system has been resolved and you should have received a notice from Parking Services earlier today.  If you go online to the Parking Services website you will be able to apply for a new pass.In the meantime, the parking garage will be open to student parking on the Portland Campus.  On the Gorham Campus, Commuter Students must park in the Red Spaces and Residential Students must park in the Green Spaces starting now.  Do not park in the Blue Spaces as you will receive a ticket.  To see where parking is available, check out the Campus Maps for PortlandGorham and Lewiston.  Social Distance/Face Covering on CampusWalking around campus, especially in our academic buildings and classrooms will be different.  Doors, stairways and hallways have signs to indicate the direction of traffic.  Please check out the YouTube video on How to Navigate on Campus, to learn more.  Whether you are inside or outside, it is important to monitor your social distance between others.  FACE COVERING - All students, faculty and staff must wear an approved face covering while on campus and in all buildings.  Please check out the "Do I need to wear a face covering?" on the University of Maine System page for specific guidance and a list of approved face coverings.    Check Your Schedule on MaineStreetIt is strongly recommended that you double check the location of your in person courses the first day of classes.  In order to space classes out across campus and in hallways, we had to make many changes.  Though we believe they are all updated in the system, there are times when a class might need to be moved at the last minute.  Just double check your schedule in MaineStreet.  Check Your email account regularlyIt is very important that you stay in contact with your faculty and campus offices by using your email.  Don't miss a notice about your class or a change in campus activity related to COVID, or a special activity taking place.  Please check your email!  The METRO-Husky LineThe Husky Line will start its regular schedule on Sunday, August 30th.  The Husky Line has a new stop at the Market Basket/Rock Row location.  You can check out the full Husky Line and other Metro routes on their METRO Husky Line site.  Face Coverings are also required while riding all METRO buses.  There will be representatives at the Gorham and Portland stops to guide you on loading and unloading procedures.  When a bus arrives, please wait and let all riders exit the bus from the rear.  Once it is clear, you will be able to enter the bus from the rear and take a seat.  Please check out the Health Advisory & Service Updates for the METRO.  Costello and Sullivan Fitness CentersDue the importance of the 2nd round of COVID-19 tests scheduled to occur for USM students next week and pre-participation exams for student-athletes, the USM Field House will not be available for recreational use for the majority of next week.  The Gorham Fitness Center and Sullivan Gymnasium in Portland will be open and available with limited capacity.  The Gorham Fitness Center currently can accommodate 18 students and Sullivan Gymnasium can accommodate 15 students.  Costello Sports Complex looks forward to opening at full capacity beginning on Saturday, September 5, 2020.     STUDENT ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIESAll events are open to all students. Please check out the Student Engagement and Leadership site for all the ways to get connected to campus and to others.  Quarantine 2020: Move In Week Events is a week of all day programming to keep you busy while you are in quarantine or just need something to do before classes start.    Student Engagement & Leadership is hosting their annual Fall Weeks of Welcome, with a twist.  Come join other students play games, watch movies, win prizes, sign Karaoke and more - 8/31-9/13.  Open to all students.SKY@USM is a meditation student club and will be offering morning meditations for students this week for students.  Check them out 8/28-29 at 9:00am.   Join Zoom Meeting.  To learn more about SKY@USM, please contact Sam Hanson  DEAN THOUGHTSThe start of the semester is always a bit stressful when we were in 'normal times,' however with so many unknowns, the stress levels are a bit higher right now.  Please take time to breathe, please take time to wave hello to someone as you pass by, please take time to check your surroundings and ensure your social distance.  That is a lot to think about while going to school.  So, before the semester begins, take time to look at the resources available to you.  Take time to figure out where are you going to study this semester.  Figure out how you can get connected and stay connected with friends and classmates. And most of all, figure out when you are going to take care of you...personal time is key.  Plan your work and work your plan!  

    Dean Mondor

    Good day to you all!

    I hope you are all doing well and that you were not affected to badly from the recent storm that blew through this week.  It was fast and furious.

    As the start of the semester approaches, there are going to be a lot of updates and potential changes to academic and campus life.  I want to encourage you check your email and the Healthy Husky page for updates on the USM Fall Opening.  If you have questions please feel free to submit thru the Dean of Students Request for Information site.


    This week in the DoSE:

    1. USM Counseling Center Updates
    2. USM Student Employment
    3. COVID Related Resources
    4. Dean Thoughts: The Fear of the Unknown



    The Counseling Center offers comprehensive psychological services to the students of the University of Southern Maine. The staff of the Counseling Center is comprised of a diverse group of professionals, including licensed psychologists, licensed clinical counselors,  licensed alcohol and drug counselors, a multi-cultural counselor, and graduate interns.   Available to students on all three campuses, the Counseling Center has had to make some necessary changes in order to provide high quality care and meet the increasing demand for services.  Please take a few moments to review the new billing procedures for appointments and a letter from the director.


    Working on-campus during your time at USM is a great way to incorporate real-life professional experiences into your education. Navigating on-campus/remote/off campus employment can be confusing, but the Career & Employment Hub is here to help.


    The Town of Gorham’s Recreation Department is seeking energetic, patient, and enthusiastic individuals to supervise children in our Out of School Care Program.  The ideal candidates must have the ability to connect with various age groups K-5. Prior experience working with children required.  To Apply: Please print and submit a Town of Gorham Employment Application found HERE.  


    Remember to visit the COVID Related Resources page for information on various support services available during these trying times.


    Over the last few weeks, I have been contemplating the notion of "The Fear of the unknown" and "Why do we fear the unknown?" Simply put, we fear what we do not understand and right now there is a lot we do not understand about COVID and what the future looks like for all of us.  Not to be doom and gloom, but recognize that the days ahead are/will be stressful for you and for the USM community.  

    So, what is the answer?  Simply put, knowing or being familiar with something gives us an edge because we already know what to anticipate from the situation.  

    What does that mean?  Take the time to know and understand the policies and guidelines.  Checking your email for updates is essential, we will be sending you updates and posting them on the Healthy Husky website.  Remember that our guidelines are not only to protect you from others, but to protect others from you.   

    Things to Remember in preparation for Fall Opening:

    • Wear face coverings when on campus
    • Wash/sanitize your hands regularly
    • Follow social distancing signage
    • Monitor for symptoms
    • Be safe


    Dean Mondor

    Good day to you all. 

    Receiving guidance from the University of Maine System and the State of Maine, USM faculty, staff and students have been working hard to prepare for a safe opening for our community this fall.  The concept of the student experience will be challenged and will look and feel very different.  Please know that we are here to assist when possible and have your best interest in mind.

    Take some time to review the Frequently Asked Questions section for Fall Opening.  The Office of Residential Life just updated its Housing FAQ section for current students. For the latest information on when room assignments will be communicated, what move-in day will look like, what our face-covering policy will be in the residence halls, and our policy for having guests on campus this fall, please see the Housing FAQ section of the Healthy Huskies website.  If you do not see your question, please take a moment and submit your question to the Dean of Students online.  We will get right back to you. 

    This week in the DoSE: 

    1. Balancing Online Live Courses with In Person
    2. What will Campus Look Like in the Fall
    3. COVID Related Resources
    4. Dean Thoughts



    ICYMI, be sure to check your email for the July 19 "Please Double Check Your Fall Schedule!" message from Provost Uzzi. In this email, Provost Uzzi announced the posting of fall course formats in MaineStreet and provided specific instructions for how to see if your classes will be blended, online-live, online or face-to-face. For a variety of reasons related to COVID-19, course formats may have changed since you first registered for fall classes. As she mentioned, now is the time to think carefully about whether the schedule in your Student Center will work for you. Take some time to consider the courses and formats that will make you feel most comfortable, most fulfilled, and keep you progressing to your degree. If you have questions about your courses or need help making a change, please contact your professional advisordepartment chair, or program coordinator (for graduate students), and they will be glad to help you. We are working to set up spaces for students needing to be on campus for online live classes while honoring the physical distance guidelines.  Spaces are being reconfigured and we will post available spaces online and around buildings accordingly.  Potential spaces currently to consider will be: The Woodbury Campus Center, Brooks Student Center, designated spaces at the all campus libraries, the lobby of the Ice Arena,  tents located on the Portland and Gorham Campus, and the Abromson Mezzanine.  More spaces will be identified as we get closer to the start of the semester. We are encouraging students to use earphones/microphones when using these spaces for your online classes. 



    When you approach the campus, it will look very similar to previous semester.  However, once on campus, you will begin to notice some changes.  Students and staff will be wearing face coverings while walking around campus and inside buildings.  There will be stickers on the floor indicating physical distancing and directional markers for hallways.  Classrooms will have fewer desks/chairs and some common spaces might not be accessible at first. All of these adjustments are being made so we can continue your educational progress.  We are offering many courses online, however some classes do require some sort of on campus presence.  So, when on campus we are doing everything we can to create and promote a safe environment for you, our faculty and staff.  That is why we need you to follow guidelines to support our USM community. COVID-19 is about all of us doing our part to prevent and protect.  Not just ourselves but everyone around us.  Our goal is to keep the spread of COVID to a point, where we (USM) can continue to offer academic learning to all students in a variety of modalities.  It is not a perfect solution and it will be a challenge.  In the end, you will be safer and can continue to take classes, our faculty/staff will be safer and can continue to teach and offer valuable services to you the student.





    As we approach the start of the semester, I am sure you have questions and some trepidation of what the fall semester will look like.  Remember that as we move forward we do so as a community.  We are each responsible not only for ourselves but for others in our community.  We can't say 'someone else will do it,' because it will take each of us to do our part to protect our USM community and prevent the spread. Be Well, Be Safe.

    Dean Mondor

    There is a lot of information moving about regarding the start of the fall semester.  We are working hard on providing a safe environment for the USM Community and have outlined it in our Return to Campus plan.  Take a few moments to review the current plan. You have questions and we have been addressing them accordingly.  We created the Frequently Asked Questions page for students.  Please review this page to see if your question already has an answer.  If you cannot find the answer, please submit your question to the Dean of Students Information Request Form.  We will find the answer and follow up with you in a timely manner. In the DoSE this week:

    1. President's Ready-for-Fall Forums
    2. Fall Class Modality Updates
    3. Important Contact Directory
    4. COVID Related Resources
    5. Dean Thoughts



    As an incoming or returning member of the University of Southern Maine community, we want to make sure you have the information you need about our preparations for the upcoming fall semester: from how you will attend classes to campus services. President Glenn Cummings and a panel of USM experts will answer your questions during an open forum — live in a Zoom webinar format.  Space is limited and all sessions will be recorded.

    Incoming/New Undergraduate Students Session - July 16 @ 7:00 PM

    Returning Undergraduate Students Session - July 21 @ 7:00 PMFALL CLASS MODALITY UPDATES
    Faculty are working as we speak to revise course offerings in light of CDC guidelines for social distancing, classroom capacity, and the student survey.  Some course modalities may change.  Students can see their course schedules with FINAL modalities (face to face, blended, online) on July 17.   After July 17th, please into Mainestreet to view you fall schedule and updated/changed modality.  You will be able to make changes to your schedule if that course deliver option does not work for you. 


    We remain available to answer your questions and help you to navigate as we move our educational and support services online. Please check out the Important Contact Information page for offices providing remote support for our students between 8:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m., Monday — Friday.


    Remember to visit the COVID Related Resources page for information on various support services available during these trying times. The Campus Food Pantry is also available by appointment during the week.

    If your family's financial situation has changed and is not accurately reflected by the 2018 tax information reported on your 2020-2021 FAFSA, you may reach out to a financial aid counselor to review your options.




    Dean Mondor

    Good day to you all.  We continue to work hard on plans for a safe return this fall.  University Leadership has reviewed student survey responses and all general questions.  It is clear that many want to return to campus, while many others do not, and as a result we are working hard to offer as many options (face to face, online, blended) as possible with the goal of accommodating a wide variety of student concerns and needs.

    Please take a few moments to review the Return to Campus Message from President Cummings.  

    In the DoSE:

    1. Ready for Fall Forums
    2. Maine Primary Election - July 14th
    3. Fall Class Modality Options - July 17th
    4. Changes on Campus - Face Coverings Required
    5. Dean Thoughts


    As an incoming or returning member of the University of Southern Maine community, we want to make sure you have the information you need about our preparations for the upcoming fall semester: from how you will attend classes to campus services. President Glenn Cummings and a panel of USM experts will answer your questions during an Zoom open forum.  Please choose the appropriate link from the following list to register for a President's Ready-for-Fall Forum event:

    July 14th is the rescheduled State of Maine Primary Election.  The Dean of Students Office is a Voter Registration Resource page to learn about the candidates, the referendums and voting locations.  There is also a link to search other states. 


    Faculty are working as we speak to revise course modalities in light of CDC guidelines for social distancing, classroom capacity, and the student survey.  Some course modalities may change.  Students can see their course schedules with FINAL modalities (face to face, blended, online) on July 17.   After July 17th, please log into Mainestreet to view your fall schedule and updated/changed modality.  You will be able to make changes to your schedule if that course delivery option does not work for you.   


    As part of our efforts to keep our USM community safe, the Chancellor has stated:  All individuals (students, faculty, staff and guests) while on university campuses must wear fabric or disposable surgical-style masks that cover their nose and mouth.  Bandannas and scarves are not acceptable.  You can view the ASL video outlining the mask wearing guidelines.    

    Accommodations for Medical Conditions:If compliance with this face covering policy is not possible due to medical reasons, the student needs to connect with the Disability Services Center to request an accommodation.  PLEASE NOTE: The CDC recommendations on who should not wear a mask does not exclude you from following the face covering policy on UMS campuses.  Please check out alternative mask options set up by the CDC. 


    Let's keep it simple...these are trying times for all of us.  In addition to navigating the day to day activities in our lives, we now have to manage 'social distancing,' masking wearing, and in many cases a sense of disconnection from family and friends..  Over time, we are seeing a heightened level of stress and anxiety.  

    There are many resources available to you.  Please check out the Student-Focused COVID-19 Informational Resources page for more information.

    Students who have additional questions are encouraged to pose them to the Dean of Students Office through this form. Our staff will answer your questions or route them to other campus leaders who will respond.  

    Dean Mondor

    Good Afternoon!

    I know this week’s edition of the DoSE reaches you at a difficult time. Just as we are trying to cope with the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, we are working through outrage, frustration and grief caused by the pandemic of racism in our country.  

    I also know that USM is here to help and support you, especially now, during this challenging time. 

    My staff and I are here for you. The staff of the offices mentioned below are also available for you. Please contact us, even if you just want to talk. If you are choosing to join protests wherever you are this summer, I encourage you to mask-up and keep yourself safe while you do the important work of affecting change, making your voice heard and ending the structures of racism. 

    As ever, I hope you explore the resources, both on- and off-campus, that are listed below. I also encourage you to check out the Student-Focused COVID Resource page created thanks to input from IDAC and the collaboration with USM Marketing.


    The Common Read is a shared intellectual experience for University community members and friends to inaugurate Goal 10 and USM's renewed commitment to identifying and combating structures of oppression.  Please feel free to check out the Common Read Resource page shared by the author of our Common Read, the Intercultural and Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC), faculty/staff and community members.  This is a very short list of resources which can guide you towards the The FOUR Stages of Becoming Antiracist; AWARENESS, EDUCATION, SELF INTERROGATION, COMMUNITY ACTION.


    As the summer sets into full swing we want you to be aware of what is available at Counseling Services. While many of our workshops, groups and some regular therapy sessions have come to a close for the summer, we continue to be open for zoom counseling appointments and we also want to offer some short term lower barrier meetings as well. We recognize this is an incredibly stressful time as we manage the pandemic of COVID 19 and face the pandemic of racism and police brutality towards people of color.

    *Check in sessions:* This is available to all students whether they have engaged in counseling with us before or not.  This could be from 1 to 3 meetings depending on the desire of the student. These sessions are meant to help the student talk through anything that is going on for them personally right now.

    We are here to listen and support in whatever we can.  If you are interested in this service please don’t hesitate to call our front desk (207) 780-4050. Stay safe and stay connected. We will be back with more options for supporting your mental health in the fall!  


    The student organization SKY@USM is going to be running online breathing and meditations on tonight and tomorrow.  These sessions are to help discover how our breath and mind influence one another. Research shows that breathing practices have a direct impact on improving immunity.  Meditation relaxes the mind and helps deal with anxiety and fear. Coming together helps us all feel connected, even though it is virtual. Check out their Facebook Group page for information. Wednesday June 10 and Thursday June 11.



    There is a great deal going on...and between the news feeds and social media, our brains cannot get a break from input.  I am not saying to check out, because the fight is real.  The struggle is real.  The fact that we are dealing with multiple conflicts at the same time is real.  Some people are trying to figure out how to put food on the table tonight or pay the rent.  Some people are tying to stay alive.  There is so much going on, we feel we can't catch our breath before something else pops up on the news or social media.

    All I am asking is to stop for a minute, 5 minutes or more.  Just turn it (phone/technology) off and sit with your thoughts and your feelings  Process what you have going on now before adding more.  And if that feels overwhelming then reach out.  You are not alone.

    Dean Mondor

    Good afternoon!

    The injustices directed at our communities of color have caused extreme outrage, sadness and division across the country.  Our communities are hurting. This is unacceptable.  Please know that we all handle extreme situations differently, and though someone might not be showing anger, pain or hurt on the outside, they might be feeling it inside.   No matter how you might process, there are resources available to you and a friend.  Please take a few moments to check out the many resources shared with me this week.

    I would also like to direct you to the updated Health Advisory for the University Maine System Related to COVID19. 


    This week in the DoSE:

    1. What can I do?
    2. Who can I reach out to?
    3. Get Hired with 21st Century Skills
    4. Resources Related to COVID
    5. Dean Thoughts



    How can we relieve our own stress about what is happing? This can take form in a number of ways.  

    • It can mean using our social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, email, online work communities—to spread useful information about direct action we can take.
    • It can mean donating to bail funds for those who are risking their lives in the protests.
    • It can mean being physically present—as many of us were for the Women’s March and Pride—in peaceful demonstrations if we are able to and it is safe to.  If you do participate in any type of gathering, please review the CDC safety guidelines on Mass Gatherings.
    • It can mean getting remotely involved in buying from Black-owned businesses or volunteering or working with organizations that directly affect Black communities.
    • It can mean signing petitions to ask for change or specific action.
    • It can mean self-educating on racism in America so that we, as educated white people, are not complicit in its spread but use our voice. 
    • It can mean listening to a podcast on Healing Justice Podcast called irresistible
    • It can mean participating in USM's Common ReadHow to Be An Antiracist, by Ibram X. Kendi. 



    The USM Counseling office (207-780-4050) if you or someone you know would like support with coping and healing.  Our crisis team is available after hours at 1-888-568-1112.

    The Religious and Spiritual Life Council have advisors from various spiritual denominations.  They are committed to work with you and connect you to resources you might be looking for.  Check out the Council members for contact information.  Let us know if you need help finding resources.


    Student Government Leaders are also available, please feel free to reach to SGA Instagram: USMSGA or directly to:

    Hannah Qiu - Student Body President   
    Facebook: Hannah Qiu   Instagram: @hannahqiu77

    Hussein Maow - Student Body Vice President   
    Instagram: 0_hussein_1 



    Did your internship get canceled? Is your summer job not happening? Are your volunteer/travel plans squashed? Or are you always looking for ways to set yourself apart from the pack? Then this is for YOU! Take advantage of this summer to build your resume and be resilient.

    The University of Maine System invites you to participate in Education Design Lab’s BadgedToHire initiative. The global economy is changing—do you have the skills employers are looking for?



    Please see a list of available resources below:


    I will keep this simple - Take care of yourself and each other.  

    Dean Mondor

    Good Afternoon! Wishing you all a great day!  Hope you were able to enjoy the long weekend and taking a moment to relax and clear your head.  It is nice to be able to have nice weather and the ability to get outside a bit, but the reality is that we are still feeling the strain from COVID-19. This week in the DoSE:

    1. Resources Available - COVID Related
    2. USM App Discontinued
    3. Art Department Open Studios
    4. Career & Employment Hub
    5. Dean Thoughts

     RESOURCES AVAILABLEThe USM Coronavirus Questions and Concerns page for information and links to resources on:General Assistance, SNAP & TANF, Domestic Violence Support, Food Insecurity, Internet & Computer Accessibility, Health and Mental Health Services, Multilingual Informational Resources, Academic Support, Unemployment Resources, and Emergency Funds.   GUIDEBOOK BEING DISCONTINUEDLater this week, USM's Guidebook App will be discontinued. A brand new app will be available to students this fall, and we will send more information about that when it is ready to go. ART DEPARTMENT OPEN STUDIOSTo Celebrate our Students’ Resilience and Creative Spirits, the USM Art Department is Hosting a Virtual Open Studios this Year. The Art Studios may be empty, but our Art Students have continued to work hard throughout the semester. Please visit our Spring Semester Virtual Open Studios. Enter and Enjoy!


    USM's Career Hub has compiled a list of companies that are hiring and in need of employees at this time. Visit the USM Career & Employment Hub for resources, to schedule an appointment, and to learn about openings, including remote work opportunities. 


    The summer months are usually a time to recharge and sometimes take it easy.  However, this summer just might be one of the most challenging few months for many, if not all of us.  This would be a good time to practice/develop resilience, which is the capacity to recover timely from difficult situations.  COVID-19 is definitely a difficult situation, but there is not much time to recover.  We are still dealing with the day to day challenges of social distancing and self isolation.  At least we can go outside and get some fresh air and see other people safely but the stress of being away from our friends and family is taking a toll.We are in a challenging situation and each day is another day of personal sacrifice, fortitude and courage.  The personal sacrifice of having to go without...  The fortitude to face this situation each day with as much energy as you can give...and the courage to look ahead and face the battle knowing it will not be easy.It will not be easy, but know that there are resources available and all you have to do is reach out and ask for help.  Please check out the resource page mentioned above and don't be afraid to ask for help.  You are not alone. Dean Mondor