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The USM HIV/AIDS policy has been established to protect both the rights of individuals infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) as well as the health and safety of all others at the institution. Current research indicates that AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) may develop from HIV infection. Individuals infected with HIV may not always be diagnosed or have symptoms of AIDS; HIV infection is not transmitted by casual contact.

Discrimination The University of Southern Maine will not discriminate in any manner against any person with is infected with HIV. This includes admissions, facilities access, hiring, housing, promotion, tenure and/or termination.

Testing The University of Southern Maine will not require HIV testing for either its students or employees. Persons who want more information on HIV testing may contact a health care provider either at the University of off-campus.

Confidentiality All University personnel should think carefully before any information about known or suspected HIV infection is included in any student or employee record. Information about a person's HIV status may only be included in medical or health care records and not in student or employee records of a general nature. Furthermore, it is against the law to disclose HIV test results to anyone without written consent of the person tested. This means that no one, under any circumstances, may discuss or share records of HIV test results with anyone other than individuals designated in writing by the tested person.

Penalties Disclosing a person's HIV test results without written consent may result in disciplinary measures under University policy. Also, Maine law states that anyone who does tell another's test results may be sued for actual damages and costs, plus a civil penalty of up to $5,000.
Safety in the event of exposure to potentially infectious body fluids (blood, semen, vaginal secretions) surfaces should be cleaned with a commercial disinfectant or household bleach (diluted with 10 parts water). Gloves should be worn while cleaning the area.

USM HIV/AIDS Task Force The USM HIV/AIDS policy establishes a task force whose mission it is to review, update, interpret, and advise regarding the USM HIV/AIDS policy. This task force includes representation from all areas of the University community. To contact the task force, call University Health Service at 780-4221, 780-5411 or call the Intercultural Development Office, Student and University Life, at 780-5139. The full USM HIV/AIDS policy is available in the Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual in the office of all deans and directors, in the libraries, and in University Health Services on both campuses.