Dean of Students

Requesting a Review

Office of Community Standards

Request for Review to the Student Conduct Committee Form


Students may request a review of any and all findings and decisions by the conduct officer.


Requests for a review must be received in the Office of Community Standards within seven (7) calendar days after receipt of the conduct officer’s decision on the case.  Once a Request for a Review is received a hearing will be scheduled with the Student Conduct Committee.  The student requesting a review will be notified of the hearing date, time and location of the hearing along with other information that will help him/her prepare for the hearing.  At the review hearing, the student Conduct Committee will hear from the Conduct Officer, the Student, and any necessary Witnesses to decide either to uphold, over turn, or modify the decision of the Conduct Officer.


Please complete all sections of the form and type a detailed rationale for why you are requesting a review.  The form must be turned in within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the Conduct Officer’s decision.  You mail e-mail the form to, fax the form to 780-5958, or drop it off at 125 Upton Hall on the Gorham Campus.  If you e-mail or fax the form and you have not heard back from us within two business days that we have received it, please call 780-5242 to confirm that we have the form.


Name of Student Requesting the Review:


Email Address:


Best Telephone #:


Today’s Date:                                                                                    Incident Date:


I am requesting a review of (check all that apply):


  1.  Charges(s) (you did not do what you were held responsible for)                                                              □

List the charges you would like reviewed (such as: Alcohol, Drugs, etc.):





  1.  Sanction(s) (you accept the charges, but do not agree with the sanction(s) imposed)     □

List all the sanctions you would like reviewed (such as: Housing Termination):    





  1.  Process (you believe the conduct officer did not follow the procedures as outlined         □

In the Student conduct Code)                                                                                                   

List what procedures you believed were not followed:



Based on the charges, sanctions, and/or process that you are requesting be reviewed, please complete page 2.

Please explain in detail in the space below why you are requesting this review.  If you are requesting a review of a charge(s) please explain what information you have that shows that you are not responsible for the charge(s) in question.  If you are requesting a review of a sanction(s) please indicated an alternative sanction(s) that you would recommend. 


Your written request to the Student Conduct Committee is their first impression of you.  For this reason it is recommended that you type and proofread your request prior to submitting it.




Dear Student Conduct Committee: