Dean of Students

Campus Study Spaces, Zoom Lounges, and Outdoor Tent Areas

For fall 2020, USM has reimagined and designated several spaces on all three campuses for group study, individual quiet study, and Zoom/online course use.

Designated Zoom Lounges
USM's "Zoom lounges" offer students physical spaces for participating in live Zoom courses and other Zoom-based learning activities. The spaces are socially distanced with internet access, and will require the use of masks. If needing information on how to use Zoom, check out USM's Learning With Zoom YouTube playlist.

USM has ordered a large supply of earbuds for use in these spaces, which students can then keep for ongoing use on and off campus. NOTE: there will not be computers provided in these spaces. Computer labs will still be open for use, but students should be mindful of others' quiet academic time-on-task in computer labs.

The following is a list of Zoom Lounges:

Portland Campus

  • 44 Payson Smith - Capacity 12
  • 241 Luther Bonney - Capacity 15
  • 213 Abromson - Capacity 14
  • 133 Wishcamper - Capacity 13
  • 205 Wishcamper - Capacity 12
  • Woodbury Campus Center - Common Areas and Husky Lounge (formerly the University Store)

Gorham Campus

  • 113 Bailey - Capacity 16
  • 207 Bailey - Capacity 9
  • 312 Bailey - Capacity 17
  • 403 Bailey - Capacity 12
  • Ice Arena Lobby Area

Lewiston-Auburn Campus

  • 103
  • 104
  • 212
  • 147A (LAC Library) - Capacity 1

Outdoor Tents
To offer additional study and socially-distanced gathering spaces, there are three tents on the Gorham campus and another on the Portland campus with individual tables and chairs. Please note the tents do not currently have reliable internet access or power, but likely will later in September.

Other Study Spaces
Here are some additional notes regarding spaces in USM's Libraries:

  • Group study spaces: The group study rooms will not be open for use because of social distancing restrictions. The Library team has created group study areas on the second and third floors of the Glickman Library, and on the first floor of the Gorham Library in proximity to whiteboards.

  • Quiet study spaces: There are several designated quiet spaces in all three library locations, including the Great Reading Room on the seventh floor of the Glickman Library and the second floor of the Gorham Library. Individual study carrels and many other seating options can be used for individual quiet study.

For tips and strategies on how to maximize your study time in these spaces, or to connect with academic support resources, visit USM's Academic Support Resources Overview page, which includes videos on Brightspace, Zoom, the Google Suite, and being a successful learner.