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USM Factbook

The USM factbook is an annual report published by the Office of Institutional Research that provides a statistical portrait of the university. It contains data on admissions, enrollment, demographics, academic programs, retention, and graduation rates. This resource has been developed to address the most frequently requested information regarding institutional characteristics.

  • Beginning Fall 2020, Headcount, Student Credit Hours (SCH) and FTE are reported differently based on Inter-institutional Cross-listed course Host and Home definitions.
  • The Host institution (is responsible for the faculty, and for ensuring the quality, rigor, and assessment of the course) receives the SCH.
  • The Home institution (where the student is matriculated, receives student support/resources, and where the students' primary enrollment is) keeps the FTE and Headcount. 

Non-USM Inter-institutional Cross-listed

Any inquiries beyond the scope of this report can be addressed to this office through the online request for information form.

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