USM Digital Humanities

Eileen Eagan

Associate Professor of History
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Office Location

55 Exeter Street, Portland Campus




Dr. Eileen Eagan is Associate Professor of History in the Department of History and Political Science.

Professor Eagan received her Ph.D. from Temple University and joined the University of Southern Maine in1987. She grew up in Buffalo, NY and she received her B.A. from D’Youville College and an M.A. from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Her research and teaching interests include urban history, public art and historical representation, and twentieth century U.S. History. She has published scholarship on the history of students and higher education, interpretations of women’s history in public sculpture, Irish women’s immigration to Maine, and the 1930s.

Research Interests

Professor Eagan's involvement in public history and in the Portland community is reflected in her role as a cofounder of the Portland Women’s History trail, as a leader of many walks on the trail, and her work on other local history projects. These, in turn, have lead to an interest in digital history as a means of providing more access for people to their past and its meaning.

Professor Eagan's recent forays into the Digital Humanities have lead her to develop a Portland Women's History Walking Trail application for mobile devices. She is a member of the Research Cluster for Digital Humanities at USM.