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Michael Hillard

Professor of Economics
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Office Location

11 Chamberlain Avenue, Portland Campus




Professor Hillard received his B.A. (1980, Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and Ph. D. (1988, Economics) from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  He had an international upbringing as the son of a U.S. Air Force officer, including three years in Okinawa.  His teaching interests include macroeconomics, the study of labor in by economists, historians and labor relations experts, and the history of capitalism in the U.S. and globally. 

Professor Hillard is dedicated to mentoring students as academic researchers, and supporting students seeking to work on public policy and for social justice; many of his students have successfully pursued graduate work in a variety of fields.  An avid outdoor sports person, he takes full advantage of Maine's opportunities for skiing, hiking, and surfing, and he enjoys international travel with his wife Marcia, especially to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Research Interests

Professor Hillard's research interests are in the fields of labor relations, labor history and the political economy of labor. His most recent work examines how academic scholars in these fields interpret the fate of labor in the United States over the twentieth century.  His current book project unearths the history of work and labor relations in Maine’s paper industry, and places this history in the context of the history of capitalism and labor in the U.S.

Professor Hillard's work has appeared in academic journals including Labor: Studies in Working Class History of the Americas, Labor History, Review of Radical Political Economics, Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations and Historical Studies in Industrial Relations. He is co-editor, with Jonathan Goldstein, of Heterodox Macroeconomics: Keynes, Marx, and Globalization (Routledge Press, 2009). He has won two “best essay” of the year awards for articles in Labor History and Review of Radical Political Economics. In 2011-2012, he was the University of Southern Maine’s 2011-2012 Trustee Professor. He is currently writing a book on the history of Maine’s paper and logging workers entitled The Fall of the Paper Plantation: A History of Capitalism, Work, and Struggle in Maine’s Paper Industry.