Louie Coyle

IT Specialist CL3


332K Wishcamper Center, Portland campus

Louie likes bikes, books, computers, and music. He is currently pursuing a BS in Computer Science at the University of Southern Maine.


  • Installs and updates assigned computer and network software and hardware
  • Prepares, responds to and monitors the progress of work orders
  • Builds and modifies University website(s)
  • Troubleshoots, resolves, and/or refers technical, network, and/or transmission problems with computers, printers, phones, software, scanners, and/or related equipment as assigned
  • Researches, tests, and recommends new technology; purchases hardware and software as necessary
  • Develops and presents technical training
  • Performs administrative tasks related to IT operations including maintaining user profiles, managing department websites, and/or performing related duties
  • Assists with the development and implementation of computer systems policies and procedures
  • Prepares a variety of reports, outputs, and/or related records
  • Prioritizes and assigns work to assigned staff; monitors the performance of assigned staff, and trains staff on work methods and procedures

332K Wishcamper Center, Portland campus