Disability Services Center

Appeal Procedure

Students are responsible for making timely requests for accommodations.  It is the University's goal to make a prompt and clear decision regarding a student's request for accommodation.   Students will receive written notification if the DSC must deny a requested accommodation and is unable to determine a reasonable alternative.

Reasons for denying specific accommodation requests:

  • Student is not a qualified student with a disability as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act or the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, as amended.
  • The accommodation is not based on documented individual need.
  • The accommodation constitutes a personal service or personal care.
  • The accommodation would change the essential nature of the program, service or activity.  
  • The accommodation would place an undue hardship on the University.

If students want to appeal this decision or believe that they have been discriminated against on the basis of disability, students can contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (Amie Parker, Director) by calling 207-621-3448 or by emailing equal.opportunity@maine.edu .

Information about the University of Maine System Equal Opportunity complaint process can be found on the following websites:

Equal Opportunity Reporting Procedure 

Equal Opportunity Reporting Form