Disability Services Center

Disability Documentation Guidelines

Students with disabilities requesting accommodations are required to register with the DSC.  Students must provide documentation of their disability and participate in an initial appointment with a DSC counselor.  Documentation submitted should be from a licensed clinical professional or health provider who is both trained and qualified to evaluate the disability and familiar with the Student’s history.  Documentation is not necessarily required to be recent but must reflect the Student’s current status.  Documentation may not be provided by a Student’s relative, friend or family friend.

What information should be included in the documentation?

  • Name, credentials and contact information of the evaluator
  • The nature of the disability and relevant history
  • Test results, including scores and written evaluation scores
  • DSM-V or ICD-10 diagnosis with information outlining the duration, severity, treatment       and expected prognosis of the condition
  • A description of how the disability impacts engagement in day to day activities as related to life at college
  • Names of any medications and potential side effect
  • Suggested accommodations

Accommodations are determined based on documentation content, student’s self-report and the DSC’s evaluation at the initial appointment.  Once determined, accommodations remain in place for the duration of a student’s tenure at USM.  Students who experience changes in their disability and accommodation needs should contact DSC to schedule a follow up appointment.  Please refer to the Disability Documentation Handout to view examples of appropriate documentation.

Please provide the supporting documentation for your IEP or 504.  

Below are forms that you provider can also complete for documentation if needed:

Medical Provider Form

Psychiatric Provider Form

Please contact the DSC with any questions or feedback.  The DSC is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; phone (207) 780-4706 or email us