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Panopto Accessibility Guidelines

In general, course-related Panopto video/audio streaming content is captioned once an "accommodation request" is approved for a student in the course utilizing the Panopto video/audio resources. Public material in Panopto should always be captioned and/or transcribed because we are not able to ascertain who may need an accommodation. Once an accommodation is approved for course-related Panopto content, the content must be accessible at the same time that the content is available to students who do not require an accommodation. In practice there are two ways to achieve this. 1) delay publication of Panopto recordings until captioning and/or transcribed versions have been uploaded to the Panopto system or 2) encode the transcription in real-time while the Panopto recording is taking place through the use of remote transcription services such as CART. For more details please contact Lauren Dubois in Academic Technology. Course-related accommodation requests are reviewed and approved by the student's primary campus Disability Services office. US:IT should refer direct requests from students to the campus Disability Services offices.

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Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing curricula that enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning. UDL provides rich supports for learning and reduces barriers to the curriculum while maintaining high achievement standards for all.

For more information on UDL - CAST.org.

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