Disability Services Center

Note Taker Request

Students with note taker accommodations can request services via this online form after attending the first class session to determine whether a note taker will be needed. 

Please have your schedule available so you can fully complete the webform; all fields are required. Complete one request for each class in which you need a note taker. You will be notified by dscnotes-usm@maine.edu when a note taker has been secured. 

Answers to your note taker questions may be available in our FAQ. If not, please contact us at dscnotes-usm@maine.edu or in person at 242 Luther Bonney Hall.  

Student Associates are available to assist you in making your requests.  You can also use the following image as a guide to locating the requested information on your schedule.

Notes will be posted to BOX via your USM MyCampus portal login page. You will receive instructions once a notetaker has been secured.



Enter your name
Enter your student ID or date of birth
Enter the course abbreviation i.e. PSY 390 or ENG 100
Enter the class number; this is the 5-6 digit number used to register for the course
Sometimes faculty teach more than one section of the same course; enter the section in which you are enrolled.
Enter the name of the professor teaching the course
Do you want to find your own note taker? No, submit form now. Yes, complete remaining fields.
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