Disability Services Center

Prospective Students

Thank you for checking out the Disability Services Center at USM.  We are so pleased you are considering making USM your University. USM offers a strong and vibrant learning and living community providing students the opportunity to explore and a place to thrive.  The Disability Services Center (DSC) is here to make certain that you have equal opportunity to access all that our University has to offer.

The DSC serves approximately 500 students and provides a variety of services.  We offer a place for all students to use between their classes to study, do their homework, eat their lunch, or quiz one another with our in-house trivial pursuit collection.  We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for students.

Applying to USM

Students who wish to apply to USM should visit the Admissions website to learn more about the wide array of academic programs USM offers.  Please do not submit disability documentation with your application, as requests for accommodation are made after admission decisions.

Prospective students are encouraged to notify the DSC of their intention to apply or attend USM by completing the online Prospective Student Webform.  This information will be used to track your progress through the admission and/or registration process.  With your permission, we will contact you to answer your questions and schedule a prospective student visit.

To learn more about how students register with the DSC and disability accommodations in college, please visit the following links.