Disability Services Center

Residential Students - Housing Accommodations and Meal Plan Modifications

USM’s Office of Residential Life offers a variety of housing options to students who wish to live on campus.  Housing options include traditional residence hall rooms and suite style options as well as various living and learning communities.  As with all communal living, all housing options at USM involve students sharing living space, bathrooms and other common areas with their peers. The Office of Residential Life strives to create a vibrant community and provide housing that fosters and supports students’ academic, social and personal goals and well-being.

Students requesting housing accommodations are required to apply for accommodations through the Disability Services Center.  Student must download and complete a Housing Accommodations Request Form.  Completed forms can be returned by email or by fax at (207) 780-4403. Students must also submit documentation from a licensed health care professional verifying the student's disability and substantiating the need for accommodation. In lieu of medical records, licensed health care providers can also submit the Housing Accommodations Functional Limitations Form.  Completed forms can be returned by email or by fax (207) 780-4403.   If you have additional questions, please review our Housing Accommodations Policy.

To be eligible for accommodations, your disability must significantly restrict your access to and your participation in the residential community.  Submission of a request does not guarantee approval of accommodations.  Examples of housing accommodations may include modifying rooms to accommodate students with physical access needs, installing visual alarms in residential rooms for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, assigning a student a room with close proximity to the restroom for medical reasons, or assigning a single room to accommodate adaptive technology equipment.  Because of numerous sites on campus that provide reduced distraction study space, housing accommodations are generally not provided for academic related needs.   The Disability Services Center (DSC) strongly encourages students whose attendance at the university depends on the availability of on campus housing to apply far in advance of the published deadlines. 

Meal Plan Modifications

USM Dining Services can assist students to meet a variety of dietary needs (i.e. gluten-free, vegetarian, low calorie, low sodium, etc.).  Any student can schedule a meeting with the Dining Services staff to discuss an individualized plan.  Dining Services is also available to assist and accommodate individuals in planning for special dietary needs required as part of the treatment of a specific medical condition such as autoimmune disorders, celiac disease and others.  This is an interactive process that involves the student and a knowledgeable representative of the Dining Services staff. 

Students requesting dietary accommodations should follow the following procedure. 

Step 1:

Students must first meet with the Dining Services General Manager, Tadd Stone to discuss their needs and determine whether dining service can meet their needs.  This meeting will be documented and used as a reference tool. 

Step 2:

If, at the conclusion of this meeting, Dining Services determines that the student’s dietary needs cannot be met, then a student may apply for a meal plan exemption.  This process requires students complete a request form and provide appropriate medical documentation from a licensed health care pracitioner. The documentation should be current (within the last year) and on professional letterhead or provided via submission of the USM Functional Limitations Form.  Forms should be returned by email or by fax at (207) 780-4403.

Step 3:            

An exemption request will be reviewed by the Dining Services Manager, the Director of Campus Life, and the Disability Services Center Director.  The student will be notified in writing of the outcome and, if applicable, provided instructions for how a student’s account will be credited.  Please note that if an exemption is approved, it will not be automatically renewed each academic year.  Students must reapply each year.  Students who feel that they been unfairly denied a reasonable accommodation should contact Sarah Harebo, the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, at 207-581-1221.

Questions or concerns related to these guidelines should be addressed to the Disability Services Center office via email or phone at 207-780-4706. Likewise, the Office of Residential Life can also answer questions via their email or by phone at 207-780-5240.