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Student Resources

The Student Resources page provides links to external websites that have been reviewed by the DSC and that we believe may be of interest or assistance to students.  If you encounter a broken web link, please e-mail Jessica Labbe.  Thank you.


New as of 4-8-19: 

Internship and Career Opportunity Links for Students with Disabilities

Accessible Campus Maps

Gorham Campus Accessibility Map 

Lewiston Campus Accessibility Map

Portland Campus Accessibility Map


Academic Strategies

Chapman University Online Note Taking Overview (be sure to visit all three tabs on the left)

Note Taking Video

Tips for Effective Study - A video series from Dartmouth College aimed at teaching and improving learning strategies.

Rewordify - A tool that rewords passages in English into simpler language.

Grammarly - A free browser extension that proofreads documents / emails / et cetera for grammar and spelling.


Disability Rights

Office of Civil Rights Postsecondary Education

 Rights and Responsibilities to Ensure Educational Access for Students with Disabilities


Financial Aid Resources

Making College Affordable: A Guide for Students with Disabilities

Accessibility Tip Sheet:  Scholarship & Financial Aid Resources for Students with Disabilities


Graduate Exam Bulletins

BOC Exam Candidate Handbook


ETS Website for Students with Disabilities and Health-Related Needs

GRE, TOEFL, PRAXIS Tests and School Leadership Assessments Supplemental Bulletin for Test Takers with Disabilities and Health-Related Needs

ETS How to Request Accommodations


Mental Health

Test Anxiety

Mental Health Support Group at The ROCC



Service Animal Information

Service Animal Resource Hub - ADATA

 Maine State Legislature - What is Maine's state law on Service Animals?

Maine State White Cane Law - Misrepresentation as Service Animal or Assistance Animal


Accessible Presentations

Accessible Presentations: What Every Presenter Should Know




Technology Tools