Disability Services Center

Syllabus Statement

Disability Accommodations

The syllabus should include information for students with disabilities who need to request accommodations based on a documented disability. Two suggested syllabus statements are below.

The university is committed to providing students with documented disabilities equal access to all university programs and services. If you think you have a disability and would like to request accommodations, you must register with the Disability Services Center. Timely notification is essential. The Disability Services Center can be reached by calling 207-780-4706 or by email at dsc-usm@maine.edu. If you have already received a faculty accommodation letter from the Disability Services Center, please provide me with that information as soon as possible. Please make a private appointment so that we can review your accommodations.


At any point in the semester, if you encounter difficulty with the course or feel that you could be performing at a higher level, consult with me. Students experience difficulty in courses for a variety of reasons. The following are resources on campus for students.