Disability Services Center

Technology Tools


List of Free or Low Cost Assistive Technology Apps and Tools (spreadsheet created by DSC staff)

IOS Accessibility Apps and Features for Blind and/or Low Vision Users (MaineCite recorded presentation)

Rewordify - A tool that rewords passages in English into simpler language.

Grammarly - A free browser extension that proofreads documents / emails / et cetera for grammar and spelling.


MaineStreet Accessibility Mode

In general, Mainestreet compatibility with screen readers such as "JAWS" is greatly enhanced when the individual user's MaineStreet profile is set for "Accessibility Mode". To turn on accessibility mode, log in as the user, click "My Personalizations" from the first MaineStreet menu after logging in. Click "Personalize General Options". Select "Use Accessible Layout Mode" from the drop-down box for the first setting "Accessibility Features". Click "OK" to save. The change takes effect after the user logs out and logs back in.