Early College Programs

Concurrent Enrollment Cost

USM’s Concurrent Enrollment program enables Maine high school students to obtain college credit at a significantly lower cost compared to the standard cost of an on-campus USM course. Concurrent enrollment courses are tuition-free for eligible high school students in Maine. Some courses may carry specific fees, such as the cost of textbooks.

Students should also be mindful of the University of Maine System credit limit when registering for Concurrent Enrollment and Early Study Aspirations courses through any University of Maine System school. Learn more about the costs of Concurrent Enrollment and Early Study Aspirations courses on the University of Maine System Early College website.

Students can check with their high school counselor to verify whether their school will cover additional costs of a Concurrent Enrollment course.

Please note that non-Maine residents are not eligible to receive state funding for Concurrent Enrollment courses. Non-resident students who wish to earn USM credit for a Concurrent Enrollment course delivered in their high school will be charged the full Early College tuition fee, without state of Maine funding applied.

Only Maine public schools and select private schools (that are 60% publicly funded and have been approved by the Department of Education) are eligible to receive state funding for Concurrent Enrollment courses. A list of approved private schools can be found on the Maine Department of Education website.


Questions regarding billing for Concurrent Enrollment courses may be directed to Pat Fecteau in Student Financial Services at patricia.m.fecteau@maine.edu or 207-780-5128. Information about payment methods is available on USM's Student Financial Services website.