Early College Programs

Concurrent Enrollment Credits

How do I use these credits?

As a USM Concurrent Enrollment student, you may earn up to 12 credit hours per year for all courses taken through any University of Maine System institution, including USM. This equates to a maximum of 3-4 courses per academic year. 

Students use early college credits in a variety of ways. Some students who intend to apply to college may take courses that will fulfill requirements in the general education curriculum or for a particular major department. Other students may be curious to experience college-level learning while they consider their plans after high school. Concurrent Enrollment can benefit any student, whether or not they are actively preparing to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Students who apply to and are admitted at USM can put credits earned through Concurrent Enrollment towards their baccalaureate degree. Visit the Office of Admissions website for more information about applying to USM. Students may also wish to explore USM's Acclerated Graduate Pathways, which provide structured courses of study for students who are interested in earning a baccalaureate degree at USM while starting a graduate degree program at USM or the University of Maine School of Law.