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 Once you have decided on an Economics major, you will be assigned an Economics Faculty Academic Advisor (or you may request a particular Economics professor).  AT MINIMUM, you should schedule a meeting directly with your Faculty Academic Advisor during the semester Advance Registration Periods.  You should also plan to meet with your advisor if you have any questions about classes that you are taking or would like to take, if you are running into any difficulties with your classes, or to talk about potential careers or graduate school.  Faculty Academic Advising is an integral part of your education, not just an obligatory step in the course registration process.  Successful Faculty Academic Advising sessions can help guide you seamlessly through your academic pursuits and beyond.

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For more detailed information about Faculty Academic Advising, please review the relevant information listed on the Economics Faculty Academic Advisement page.

For more information about USM's advising educational component, visit USM Student Success Advising Network.

For answers to FAQs about Advising within the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, please review the relevant information listed on the FAQs - Advising in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHS) page.

Richard Wolff/Harriet Fraad Lectures

USM University of Southern Maine Richard Wolff Harriet Fraad lecture

The two-day lecture event by Dr. Richard Wolff, UMass professor emeritus, and Dr. Harriet Fraad, psychotherapist and journalist, drew hundreds of enthusiastic participants. Follow the link here to the video recordings of their highly popular lectures.

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