Department of Economics

Getting the Education and Training

Now that you’ve identified some career choices, you can begin to determine the education and training that you'll need.

Do you need to earn a graduate degree?  Do you lack work experience?  Would internship opportunities or specialized training help develop your career?

Note:  you can revisit a spoke in the Career Planning Wheel anytime—the process is circular not linear.

How can USM help you acquire what you may lack?

Keep Moving Forward!

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Advance your career by earning a USM B.A. or B.S. in Economics!

Apply to USM today to earn your economics degree or enroll in a Spring 2016 course to augment your credentials or for the simple pleasure of learning! Spring 2016 courses are open to everyone, even if you haven’t applied to our degree program. Explore USMBrowse Spring 2016 courses and register today!

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