The Economics Program offers two different baccalaureate degrees: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, which allow students to choose the combination of courses most appropriate for their future plans, as well as a minor program.

A baccalaureate in Economics is a marketable liberal arts degree. Liberal arts majors (social sciences and humanities) develop excellent writing and research skills, and increase a student's knowledge of the world. These majors also help students build a stronger and more informed sense of identity and values. Economics at USM also provides students critical thinking and analytical (including statistical) skills.

One of the biggest concerns students have is life after graduation. A degree in economics from USM provides students with a solid foundation for many careers and for graduate school.  Our graduates have, for example, found jobs at Bath Iron Works (finance department), the Maine State Legislature (Senate Majority Leader's staff), and the Maine Department of Labor (data analysts).

Our graduates have also pursued Master's and Doctoral programs at Cornell University, University of California-Riverside, University of California-Santa Cruz, University of Notre Dame, University of Denver, USM School of Business, and USM Muskie School of Public Service.  Several have completed a Ph.D. in Economics.  Undergraduate students considering graduate school must maintain a high grade-point average (GPA).  A high GPA is essential to having broad choice in choosing particular graduate schools and programs.