Educational Leadership

EDU 615: Middle Level Curriculum

This course provides an opportunity to examine realities and possibilities of middle school curriculum design and content and to explore various longstanding controversies about the relationship between curriculum and the world, curriculum and learners, curriculum and the academic disciplines, and curriculum and educational aims. Moreover, it delves into conceptions of knowledge, knowing, and learning and into who has access to all three. The course investigates both middle school curriculum theory and curriculum practices, invites students to critique current and past approaches, and then develop a curricular approach of their own. It looks closely at the impact of curricular practices on the welfare of students and society. An important goal of the course is to provide opportunities for students to develop their own standards and naming the institutional contexts necessary for supporting those standards. Students should leave the course with a clear idea about what curricular approaches they think serve the welfare of middle school students and the larger society. Cr 3.

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