Educational Leadership

Internship Frequently Asked Questions

I think I am ready for the Ed. Leadership Internship. What do I need to do?

The Internship and EDU 677: Seminar in School Management should be the last set of courses you need to take before graduating from our Educational Leadership Master's program.

The Internship can also be taken to fulfill the capstone requirement in our post-master's (CAS) in Educational Leadership program.

Please notify Kerry Bertalan ( as soon as possible if you believe you are ready to start the internship with the next group, which begins at the end of April every year.  The program will contact you in late March/early April with information on the internship orientation.

I am not a student in the Educational Leadership program, but I need to take an Internship to fulfill a state certification requirement. What can I do?

Unfortunately, only matriculated students are allowed to enroll in the Internship. We suggest that you apply to our master's or post-master's (CAS) program.

When is the next Internship Orientation?

The internship orientation is usually held in late April.  Anyone interested in enrolling in the internship must attend this mandatory orientation.

I can't make it to the Internship Orientation, so what do I do?

Please make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your options.

When does the Internship and EDU 677: Seminar in School Management take place?

EDU 685: Principalship, EDU 686: Special Ed. Director, and EDU 688: Curriculum Coordinator Internships are 9 graduate credits in total (3 credits a semester) that span three consecutive semesters (summer, fall, and spring, respectively). The course meets once every three weeks for the whole year. During the summer, the meetings take place during the day (usually 8AM-4PM), and during the fall and spring, the meetings occur from 7-9:30PM. Individual meetings with you, your mentor, and your instructor are scheduled 3 times a year.

EDU 687: Superintendency Internship is a 6 graduate credit course that spans two fall and spring semesters consecutively. Individual meetings with you, your mentor, and your instructor are scheduled as needed.

EDU 677: Seminar in School Management is a 3 credit graduate course that is designed to be taken in conjunction with the Internship. It can be taken in either the fall or the spring semester. It is not offered in the summer. At the Internship orientation in April, you will be asked for your semester preference. We do our best to meet your needs. The course meets from 4:10-6:40PM every week for the whole semester, just like a regular graduate course.

Where does Internship and Seminar take place, and what do I do about parking?

The Internship always takes place off campus at a school in Portland. You do not need any special parking passes to park at the school. You will be informed of the specific location of the course once we have determined your eligibility in late March to early April.

How do I register for the Internship/Seminar and make a payment?

Office staff will register you after the mandatory internship orientation in April.  Do NOT try to register yourself--this is a blocked course.  You don't need to worry about being closed out of the course.  If you are eligible, then there will be a seat available for you.  Your registration will be confirmed via email and payment information will be provided at that time.

I want dual certification, so what do I need to do?

Dual certification refers to fulfilling additional Internship assignments and work hours in order to receive graduate credit toward two different internships, such EDU 685: Principalship and EDU 686: Special Education Director. Dual certification must be decided BEFORE you begin your Internship work, as involves a special timeline of assignments, work hours, and registration needs. Please consult with your instructors Jody Capelluti and Tom Edwards about the requirements needed to do this.

How do I choose a mentor and what is expected?

A mentor must be certified and currently employed in the area you are interning. Mentors may be your current administrator or someone outside your building/district. It is the responsibility of the intern to select the mentor but the University professor will assist in the process if necessary. You do not have to choose your mentor before the April Orientation. At the April orientation, you will receive the course materials, which includes an explanation of the mentor's responsibilities.

How many Internship hours are required?

A total of 240 hours needs to be accumulated and documented by the end of the Internship experience for certification in one area. Additional Internship hours are required for dual certification. It is suggested that students complete 80 Internship hours per semester. We do not accept hours accumulated before the official start of the Internship semester (ie: attendance at conferences/meetings before enrollment in the Internship).

What happens when there is inclement weather?

We try to post an announcement via Blackboard when a class meeting is canceled, however, it is the student's responsibility to watch/listen the storm cancellations on the local news channels. If King Middle School closes, then class has been canceled. If USM cancels, then there might still be class, so check with the instructor.

I am about to (or have just finished) the Internship and Seminar, and I am now ready to graduate. What do I need to do?

You must let the Registrar's office know you are ready to graduate.  This is done by processing an application for degree by one of two ways:  (1) Please log into MaineStreet, choose:  Student Self Service, then Student Center, other academic, apply for graduation, and follow the prompts.  (2) Print and complete an Application for Degree.  This form may also be faxed to the Registrar's office at (207) 780-5517.  If you have any questions about commencement, contact the Registrar's office at (207) 780-5230.

Information about the ordering and purchasing of commencement apparel will be mailed to you once you submit the Application for Degree form. Your diploma will be mailed to you at the address you write on the Application for Degree form.

For more information, contact the Internship Coordinators:
Joseph Capelluti, Professor, Educational Leadership, (207) 780-5077
For staff assistance please contact:
Kerry Bertalan, Administrative Specialist CL2
(207) 780-5316 or