Educational Psychology

Course Format Options

CABA: All of the courses in the CABA meet weekly for synchronous sessions; synchronous means that all students and the faculty member meet together at the same each week. Students can attend the classes either on campus in Gorham or attend virtually using the instructor-selected online classroom portal (e.g., Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts). To attend the virtual sessions, a student must have a computer with audio and video capacity, a high-speed internet connection, and an audio headset. NOTE: All of the CABA classes meet only in synchronous format and are NOT offered asynchronously.

MS-ABA: All of the CABA classes are required for the M.S. in Educational Psychology with a Concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. In addition, M.S, students must complete 5 additional courses. All of these 5 classes are offered in a variety of online formats. Some are offered using the same synchronous method as used for the CABA and others utilize asynchronous course delivery. Asynchronous means that the students and faculty are not all online at the same time.

All of the courses in the CABA and MS-ABA are offered in a distance format using either the synchronous or asynchronous methods described above.