Office of Educator Preparation

Areas of Teacher Certification

Areas of Teacher Certification

The School of Education & Human Development, in partnership with colleges throughout the university and in the field, offers students opportunities to earn a teaching certificate and/or a degree at the undergraduate or graduate level.  Different program options are also offered at the Certificate of Advance Study levels.  Our programs are characterized by quality and integrity and meet the highest standards set by professional accrediting bodies.

Undergraduate Students:

USM undergraduate students pursue their major through a college, and then choose the content area for their teaching based on the major.  Students identify early in their major if they also want to pursue teacher certification.  At the end of the student’s undergraduate career at USM, he or she could have a bachelor’s degree, major and teacher certification in one of the following content areas related to their major.

Graduate Students:

Students can pursue initial teacher certification at the graduate level at USM.  They would bring content with them or require content background at the undergraduate level.

 Content areas for graduate students are as follows:

Educational LeadershipLiteracy Education and Counselor Education all offer Certificate Program, Master Degrees and Certificates of Advanced Study Programs.


Students with questions about teacher certification should contact:  

                                      Linda Evans
                      Placement and Certification Officer
                                       780 - 5564