Office of Educator Preparation

Certification Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: The Maine Department of Education has anounced the release of the educator portal for the new online credentialing system. Visit their site for more information:

Certification Instructions:

1. Complete all teacher education program/pathway requirements, including the following:

  • Passing Praxis Core scores
  • Praxis II content test(s) taken
  • Prerequisite coursework is satisfied
  • Grades are finalized on MaineStreet
  • Standards Review is completed + documented in Tk20

2. Signal program completion:

  • Complete the Recommendation for Certificationa Google form checklist that signals that you have fulfilled ­all program requirements and are ready to be recommended for initial teacher certification.
    • Linda Evans, Certification Director, will review and verify all information and post the date of your recommendation for certification in Tk20.
    • The Certification Director will then forward your name/certification area(s) to the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) and recommend you for initial teacher certification in your content area(s).
    • At the same time, the USM Registrar’s Office will also receive this notification and post a comment to your transcript noting program completion. Please note that this may take approximately 3 weeks. Please check MaineStreet to ensure that the comment has been added to your unofficial transcript before submitting anything to the DOE (see below).
  • You will receive an email when this step is complete.

3. Complete an Application for Initial Certification from the MDOE:

  • Do not complete this step until you have received confirmation that step 2 is complete from Linda Evans, Certification Director
    • You will receive an email with clear next steps when you have been recommended for certification by USM 
    • If you file your application without this final official transcript, the MDOE will not know that you are a program graduate and will analyze your materials as if you were initiating the alternative certification process. This could cause a delay in processing your application. Please be aware that USM’s recommendation for certification helps expedite certain steps in evaluating your application.
  • To request/order a USM transcript see the Office of Registration & Scheduling Services
  • Note that there is a $100 application fee due to the State of Maine with your application
  • Now that the online certification system is available and application materials can be submitted and managed electronically (either through the online system or via email), and questions can be answered more efficiently using the website, over the phone, or via email, the Department will be eliminating the walk-in office hours effective July 9, 2018.
  • If educators have additional or more specific questions, they can call 207-624-6603 or email the certification office at
  • More information and FAQs are available on the Maine Department of Education certification site

    For more information please contact:

    Linda Evans, Certification Director
    Office of Educator Preparation, USM
    8C Bailey Hall, Gorham, Maine 04038