Office of Educator Preparation

Certification Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: The Maine Department of Education has a new online system for teacher certification.

Certification Instructions:

1. Complete all teacher education program/pathway requirements, including the following:

  • Passing Praxis Core scores
  • Praxis II content test(s) taken
  • Prerequisite coursework is satisfied
  • Grades are finalized on MaineStreet
  • Standards Review is completed + documented in Tk20

2. Signal program completion:

  • Complete the Recommendation for Certificationa Google form checklist that signals that you have fulfilled ­all program requirements and are ready to be recommended for initial teacher certification.
    • Linda Evans, Certification Director, will review and verify all information and post the date of your recommendation for certification in Tk20.
    • The Certification Director will then forward your name/certification area(s) to the Maine Department of Education (MDOE) and recommend you for initial teacher certification in your content area(s).
    • At the same time, the USM Registrar’s Office will also receive this notification and post a comment to your transcript noting program completion. Please note that this may take approximately 3 weeks. Please check MaineStreet to ensure that the comment has been added to your unofficial transcript.
  • You will receive an email when this step is complete.

3. Complete an Application for Initial Certification from the MDOE:

  • Do not complete this step until you have received confirmation that step 2 is complete from Linda Evans, Certification Director
    • You will receive an email with clear next steps when you have been recommended for certification by USM 
    • If you file your application without this final official transcript, the MDOE will not know that you are a program graduate and will analyze your materials as if you were initiating the alternative certification process. This could cause a delay in processing your application. Please be aware that USM’s recommendation for certification helps expedite certain steps in evaluating your application.
  • Note that there is a $100 application fee due to the State of Maine with your application
  • More information and FAQs are available on the Maine Department of Education certification site

    For more information please contact:

    Linda Evans, Certification Director
    Office of Educator Preparation, USM
    8C Bailey Hall, Gorham, Maine 04038