Office of Educator Preparation

Fingerprinting and CHRC Process

Fingerprinting and Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) Approval


Anyone who works with children in a school setting is required by law to be fingerprinted through a process approved by the Maine Department of Education and have a CHRC approval based on the fingerprint results.

  • Fingerprinting and the Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) is a two part process
  • Both parts are required before a student can begin in their internship
  • Fingerprints must be taken at a Maine approved fingerprint site
  • Check the Department of Education’s on-line NEO system to check the status of your fingerprints, or contact the Certification Office at 207-624-6603
  • If and when you are approved, you will be able to view and print your approval information from the NEO system website.
  • Then, you will upload your CHRC approval in your Candidacy or Entry Application.


Applicant Instructions and Fingerprint Sites:

  1. Register for fingerprinting online with the Maine Department of Public Safety (choose Department of Education). If you do not register, you will not be able to have your fingerprints taken. There is a one-time $55 fee for this process.
  2. Take your confirmation number (received after registration) and a picture ID (a driver's license or Maine State ID is preferred) to the fingerprint site on the assigned date and time.
  3. Complete the application for Initial Educational Approval and provide an explanation to questions to which you answered "yes."
    • If you answered, "yes" to Question 1: for each conviction, attach a brief explanation stating when and what the conviction was. If further information is requested, you will need to provide attested copies of the Judgment and Commitment papers (including probation conditions). These documents may be obtained from the Clerk of Courts where you were convicted. This includes OUI and negotiating a worthless instrument.
    • If you answered, yes to question 2 and/or 3: attach an explanation for each situation.
    • If you answered, "yes" on a previous application and there have been no additional convictions, submit a statement that there have been no new convictions since the previous "yes" was submitted.
  4. Send the application and $15 non-refundable fee to the following:

 Maine Department of Education
 Division of Certification
 State House Station #23
 Augusta, Maine 04333

Make check payable to: Treasurer, State of Maine


Additional Fingerprinting Information

  • From your fingerprints, state and federal criminal history record checks will be conducted. The results of the state and federal criminal history record checks will be forwarded to the Maine DOE to be used for the issuance or denial of approvals.
  • Check the DOE on-line NEO system for the status of your approval. If you are not approved, you will receive notification in writing.


Revised 1-18-18