Office of Educator Preparation

Teacher Education Internship Placement Process

USM’s Office of Educator Preparation is responsible for securing internship placements.  Interns are placed in partner school districts across the southern Maine region including Gorham, Lewiston, Portland, RSU #14, South Portland, and Westbrook.  Placements are made according to geographic location of the intern, content area, and availability of mentor teachers in partner schools.  Based upon these factors, Linda Evans, Field Placement Coordinator, works closely with school personnel and university faculty to coordinate placements for interns.

The process will be as follows:

  1. Prior to their first semester of internship, interns complete and submit an Entry Application in TK20.
  2. Interns upload a resume and fingerprint card (CHRC) to TK20, as these are necessary to initiate outreach to partnership schools and districts. Placement requests will not be made without both items.
  3. The Field Placement Coordinator will outreach to partner schools/ districts to request internship placementsFall placements will be arranged beginning in March/April and spring placements will be arranged starting in November of each calendar year.  Prior to this time, interns should review their entry application to assure that placement request information is accurate and complete, and if not, they should notify the Field Placement Coordinator.
  4. Once the internship placement has been arranged, the Field Placement Coordinator will send the intern an email that includes: school name, mentor teacher name and email, grade level/ content. The faculty coordinator will be copied on this email.
    The intern should confirm receipt of this email and proceed by making email contact with the mentor teacher to arrange for a time to meet.
  5. Following the initial meeting with the mentor, the intern should update the Field Placement Coordinator.  This update serves as final confirmation of the internship placement.

Important Link:

School District Forms

If interns have any questions related to their internship placement, they should be in contact with the Field Placement Coordinator.  Her contact information is as follows:

Linda Evans, Field Placement Coordinator
Office of Educator Preparation
8C Bailey Hall, Gorham Campus