Office of Educator Preparation

Step-by-Step Process to Teacher Certification

Student Requirements for Teacher Certification:

  1. Enroll in program.

  2. Register & take the Praxis I exam.
         Undergraduates – prior to Internship
         Graduates – prior to applying to USM

  3. Have your Praxis I scores sent to USM & to the Department of Education.

    You will receive your scores electronically for your records.  Print them immediately as they will no longer be electronically accessible after a short while. 
  4. Have your Fingerprints taken through a process approved by the Maine Department of Education.
         Undergraduates – prior to Internship
         Graduates – prior to entering program

  5. Register & take the Praxis II exam.
         Undergraduates – during senior year
         Graduates – prior to or during ETEP

  6. Have your Praxis II scores sent to USM & to the Department of Education.

    You will receive your scores electronically for your records.  Print them immediately as they will no longer be electronically accessible after a short while.   
  7. Complete all program work.

  8. Apply for Certification.
         You must wait to receive your finalized transcript from USM before applying.
         Order additional transcript to submit to the Department of Education.

USM’s Certification Recommendation Process:

  1. Complete all course work, including pre-requisite courses, from your teacher certification program and make sure the faculty in whose courses you are registered have received that work. 
  2. If you have outstanding pre-requisite course work from schools other than USM, be sure we have those transcripts on file.  Have transcripts sent to Linda Evans, Placement & Certification Coordinator, at USM.  She is located at USM, 37 College Avenue, 8 Bailey Hall, Gorham, ME 04038.

  3. A maximum of six semester hours of course requirements may be met through passing CLEP Exam(s) on subject examinations for courses not already taken.

    If CLEP exams were taken, make sure to have those grades posted on your USM transcript by having your official score transcript sent from CLEP to USM's Office for Prior Learning Assessment.

    If you pass the exam(s) and pay the $15 per exam posting fee, you will receive credit at USM as soon as your official CLEP score transcript is received.  You will need to complete and return the CLEP posting fee form which can be found at

  4. Make sure you had your Praxis exam scores sent to USM.  If you fail to include USM as a recipient, it will slow down your certification process.

  5. Once your program requirements are complete, including Praxis I & II scores, and all grades are finalized on MaineStreet, you can now be recommended for certification. 

    Linda Evans simultaneously submits a letter recommending certification to the Maine Department of Education and to the USM Registrar’s Office. 

    The registrar then notes your program completion on your USM transcript. 

    You will automatically be sent a copy of the finalized transcript for use in your application for certification. 

    You must wait for this transcript before applying for certification.

  6. When you receive your transcript, make sure the certification recommendation is printed on your transcript.  You will not be able to get certified without the recommendation comment, as the Department of Education will return your application to you. 

    When you have ascertained that the comment is there, you may apply for certification at the Maine Department of Education in Augusta.  You should keep copies of all your documents as well for future job searches, etc.

Applying to the Department of Education for Certification:

It is your responsibility to apply to the Department of Education for certification after USM recommends you for certification. 

  1. Applying for certification involves submitting all of your application materials together in one package.  Your application package should include the following:
  • A completed and signed Application for Initial Certification form. Include an explanation to questions answered with a “YES” on the form;

  • Passing Praxis I and II scores;

  • Official graduate and undergraduate transcripts
         Copies of transcripts or scanned transcripts are not accepted
         All transcripts and degrees must be from an accredited college;

  • Foreign transcript evaluation (if applicable).  Only WES or CED transcript evaluations will be accepted;
  • Proof of fingerprinting;

  • Appropriate non-refundable application fee made payable to the Treasurer, State of Maine.  You may also elect to use M/C or VISA.

A complete application package will enable the Department of Education Certification Office to process your application in a timely manner.  Incomplete applications will be returned.

 2.  If you wish to obtain certification as quickly as possible, you may want  
      to drive your application up to Augusta and have it processed in
      person.  This is the quickest means to certification. 

The address for the Maine Department of Education is 23 State House Station, Augusta, ME.          

If you have any further questions or issues, contact Linda Evans at, phone: (207) 780-5564.