Equity and Excellence in Maine Schools


Maine Black Educators Collective (MBEC) is an initiative of Dr. Larissa Malone, assistant professor in the Teacher Education Department, School of Education and Human Development at USM. 

MBEC was founded to respond to the critical needs of Black educators across Maine. Maine is one of the least racially diverse states (Fishell, 2017), despite a five-fold increase of the Black population that is largely due to diasporic immigration (Dickstein et al., 2017). This has increased the number of non-White students to about 10 percent, whereas less than three percent of educators identify as non-White, meaning an even smaller percent of educators identify as Black (ACLU, 2017; NCES, 2019). This has largely allowed for Black educators in Maine to be ignored. Research tells us how important it is to support Black educators, because Black students benefit from having Black educators (Carter-Thomas, 2018; Easton-Brooks, 2019), Black educators often implement culturally responsive teaching (Delpit, 2006; Gay, 2018; Ladson-Billings, 1995), and Black educators address racial social justice in the classroom (Au, 2009; hooks, 1994). This project supports this critical population that is most likely to experience anti-Blackness, in the context of a shifting cultural landscape.

The Collective launches with a five-part speaker series that starts March 11. People interested in participating can register (for free) at this link. A limited number of books are available to further the conversation into the future. Contact mbec@maine.edu with any questions or to express interest in our programming.

See the flyer below for more information:


This event will be followed by continued programming to support Black educators in Maine. Stay tuned.


This program is funded by Nellie Mae and is co-sponsored by Southern Maine Partnership.