Department of Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences


Due to Covid-19 safety precautions, advisors may not be on campus as often as usual. Many are available by Zoom, email, and/or phone. If you have difficulty contacting an advisor, please reach out to the department at

Why do I need to meet with my advisor?

Academic advising is a crucial component of student success. Advising guides you through the process of identifying required courses, determining whether any prerequisites are needed, and ascertaining which semesters these courses are offered. This ensures you will progress optimally toward completing your degree and will graduate on time. It also allows you to talk about your career goals and get advice on how to prepare for the job you want.

You should check in with your advisor each semester while planning your next semester’s class schedule. Although you may meet with any of your advisors at any time, we recommend that you meet with your professional advisor in your freshman and sophomore years, and meet with your faculty advisor in your junior and senior years.

What is the difference between a professional advisor and a faculty advisor?

Professional advisors help students navigate their university core requirements and identify educational, personal, and career goals. You typically meet with them at the start of your college career to help you focus on which major is right for you, how to complete your university core requirements, and to discuss any problems you may experience adjusting to college life. The Advising Department is located at 137 Luther Bonney Hall on the Portland campus and 119 Bailey Hall on the Gorham campus.

Faculty advisors are professors in the Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences Department who help students navigate the requirements for their major. They can also discuss career and grad school options. You typically transition into meeting with your faculty advisor in your junior year as you become more focused on the requirements and electives for your major, as well as possible planning for grad school. Most EHSS faculty advisors are located on the Gorham campus, but they may additionally be open to meeting by email, by phone, and/or on the Portland campus.

Although professional and faculty advisors specialize in different aspects of the USM curricula, they are both capable of offering advice on a broad range of general education and major-specific issues. We encourage you to use both of your advisors as a combined resource to navigate your college experience.

Who is my faculty advisor?

Your faculty advisor is listed on the right side of your MaineStreet profile. The office hours and location of the EHSS faculty can be found here. You are encouraged to check in with your faculty advisor anytime. At a minimum, students should meet with an advisor once a semester. During this meeting, you will discuss your progress, future goals, issues, and your academic map.  Students can discuss their advising needs via email, phone, or through MaineStreet in the advising notes section of the student center.

General Questions: If you don't have a faculty advisor assigned and have general question, please email

Athletic Training Majors: If you have questions about the Athletic Training, please contact Program Director, Dr. Dominique Ross, at

Exercise Science Majors:  If you have a question about the major including grad school or career goals, please contact Program Director, Dr. Debbie Van Langen, at

Health Science Majors: If you have a question about the major including grad school or career goals, please contact our Department Chair, Dr. Jay Graves, at

Recreation & Leisure Studies Majors: All undergraduate RLS majors should be assigned a faculty advisor and must meet with their advisor once a semester. If you don’t currently have one assigned, please contact Holly Bean at When meeting with your faculty and academic advisor, you will be provided an academic map outlining all required courses and the semesters they are offered.  Be sure to consult the most current requirements and RLS Academic Map which can be found here.