Department of Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences

Athletic Training Program Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Southern Maine Athletic Training Program is to deliver a comprehensive learning experience that will prepare students to excel as entry-level athletic trainers and productive professionals in a variety of clinical settings.  This program specializes in providing an incremental clinical examination model, emphasis in causal injury management, and abundance of active learning opportunities.  The program is committed to ensure the education is evidence supported and competency acquisition and mastery of proficiencies, as determined by the athletic training governing bodies, are assessed using quality instruments.


Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Provide students with an optimal classroom experience.


1) Apply an incremental clinical examination model which effectively instructs the student in the ability to evaluate injuries or illnesses.

2) Repetitively employ circumstances that demand communication and documentation skills.

3) Develop coursework providing an expanded application of manual treatment skill acquisition.

4) Demonstrate administrative functions for preparation in supervisory roles.

5) Assess competencies using quality instruments.

Goal 2: Provide students with an optimal clinical education.


1) Arrange a variety of job settings as clinical sites.

2) Emphasize professional behavioral strategies.

3) Create hands-on learning situations for skill acquisition.

4) Expose students to a variety of patient populations.

5) Provide students with an opportunity to observe and assist a variety of health care providers.

6) Assess proficiencies in an authentic environment.

Goal 3: Prepare students for a career in athletic training.


1) Graduates will pass the Athletic Training Board of Certification Examination

2) Graduates will find employment in the field of athletic training

3) Graduates will continue their education at the graduate level

4) Graduates will obtain post graduate internship, fellowship and residency opportunities

Goal 4: Integrate exposure to undergraduate research opportunities.


1) Select coursework that provides information regarding the research process and critiquing its quality.

2) Develop coursework which requires case reports.

3) Employ assignments which require the review and presentation of literature.